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Unwind With Needlepoint Kits – Unwind Studio

Unwind With Needlepoint Kits – Unwind Studio

There is something magical about taking the time to make something with our own hands. Slowing down, unwinding and seeing a beautiful product come to life.

At Unwind Studio we collaborate with artists from all over the world, supporting and showcasing their work through needlepoint. Our aim is to change how people perceive crafts. Our mission is connected with the Bauhaus Manifesto; we also believe that “there are no barriers between handicrafts and sculpture or painting; they are all one: building”.

I understand that you are likely quite bored. For the most part we are all stuck inside. If we are able to go out, we can only go so far and with so few people. 

Before you sink too deeply into despair, there’s so much more available for you to do. Things that many of us have decided we don’t have time to do or are simply not capable of doing. You have now been given the gift of time to invest in creativity. 

For those of you that are convinced you are not capable of creating something beautiful- you now have the time to be patient and learn. 

Unwind Studio is making this an easy process for you with the needlepoint kits.

Here’s Cristina to tell us more:

The three main purposes of the Unwind Studio Project are:

1. Wellness

To create a product that would encourage people to create and unwind at the same time. We are living a moment where crafts products are getting more attention, as people are realizing that is a good way to slowdown and relax from the day to day.

By investing in manual crafts, we are investing in ourselves. Stitching alone, or together in community, slowing down and freeing up our minds in order to appreciate more what really matters in life.

2. Art, Illustration & Design

When buying from Unwind Studio, our customers are also supporting amazing artists from all over the world. It’s a good opportunity to build and re-create something beautiful, that people will cherish for a long time.

3. Old Crafts

Manual over Machinery – connecting to the ancient technique of needlepoint, to build products that we love.

We are all capable of creating beauty! It’s time to enjoy this season of pause with help from the Unwind Studio.

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