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Breaking All Beauty Barriers with Babb Beauty

Breaking All Beauty Barriers with Babb Beauty

When was the last time you had fun with your makeup?

I remember the first time I wore makeup. I was age nine and it was a Sunday morning. My mom, sisters and I were getting ready for church. My twin sister and I watched as our mom and teenage sister put makeup on.

A subtle amount of face powder and blush was all they did. We were jealous and intrigued. My twin sister and I had recently gotten a childish glitter eye shadow set that we played with periodically.

In an effort to join our mom and big sis, we grabbed it and went to town. Covering our eyes with bright colors shimmering with glitter.

Our big sister laughed at the end result. My mom looked at us with pride. We only just took a deep breath geared up to whine and beg, when my mom said, “Yes you can wear it to church”.

My twin sister and I walked through the church doors like we had just entered a red carpet event. And all eyes were on us because our church was quite conservative.

Upon our return home we found out that our Sunday school teachers were discussing having us wash our faces without my mother’s consent. Our big sister over heard the discussion and protested.

When she reported to my mom, my mom was angry. She felt such pride in the creativity we put into our appearance and the confidence we carried in what we wore.

Currently when I wear makeup I focus on products that are good for my skin and hide my flaws. The fun is gone.

Introducing Babb Beauty. Makeup ona mission to, ” Breaking All Beauty Barriers’… to inspire people everywhere to express themselves with our products!”

It’s time to have fun with our makeup in quality colors that improve our skin. Here is creator Melanique to tell us more:

“Our lip kits are infused with the sea grape extracts and help keep your lips smooth and plump whilst fighting free radicals ?⁠

We are an island inspired makeup brand and we stand for Breaking All Beauty Barriers. We believe in having fun and freely expressing yourself through makeup. We also have high quality, fun, island inspired names and packaging for our products at a very affordable price.

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