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Saving Animals With Every Purchase

Saving Animals With Every Purchase

Our family friend presented us with the newest addition to his family; a beautiful boarder collie. He was large and adorable. He seemed full of personality and like if given the opportunity he could defend himself or his owner. However as I approached this dog, he hovered and backed away in fear.

Our friend explained that his new dog was rescued from an abusive home. Upon first glance at this beautifully groomed dog, you would never know. His mannerism told a different story. My friend said his family were currently working on teaching the dog to trust again.

As I looked into the scared eyes of this beautiful creature I thought to myself, if he could only talk, the stories he would tell that we could never imagine. Perhaps if he could talk, he would have been rescued sooner.

Capones Helping Paws was created to give troubled animals a voice. Here is owner Justine to tell more:

All animals deserve a second chance when unfortunate events come there way. So each month I choose a different animal rescue or welfare group to donate to. For example this month is a cat rescue and sanctuary. Next month is a horse rescue.

I created this page in honor of my dog Capone who passed away November 2017. He was my soul dog, my one in a million dog. He brought me out of a deep dark depression and reignited my passion for the outdoors.

What he also did was bring me in touch with rescue groups and people who love animals as much as I do. Capone changed people’s lives. Family and friends rescued pitbull type dogs in his name. When he passed away I wanted to continue to help others in his name. 

If not for Capone I wouldn’t have my dog O’Banion or my social media sensation dog Maple. That is because before him I too was weary of pitbulls.  Now they are the only breed I will ever have.

If not for Capone I would not be volunteering my time for animal rescues here in Reno or encourage other businesses to focus their talents on helping other rescue animals. 

For the month of march 50% of the proceeds are being donated to Catmandu. Will you take part in changing the lives of abused animals? 

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