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Why Sustainable Fashion is Best For Our Kids – PrairieWilds Shop

Why Sustainable Fashion is Best For Our Kids – PrairieWilds Shop

Sustainable and minimalist fashion is now trendy! At first sight of these neutral colors and simplistic designs, I didn’t get it. Now after being introduced to PrairieWilds shop, my opinion has definitely changed!

Here’s your chance to learn more about why these fashion trends are practical and an advancement within the world of fashion, with the owner of PrairieWilds, Erin to tell us more:

What we put on our kids is just as important as the food they eat. Their little bodies grow so fast and their absorption of chemicals is a lot different than that of an adult. So ensuring they are wearing fabrics that are universally standardized for quality is important to us.

We at PrairieWilds believe that making sure our children’s clothing are made from fabrics that are:

  • Quality checked for chemicals
  • Use water based inks and dyes
  • And that follow a strict quality control is important!

We focus on organic and sustainable fabrics and manufacturing practices in our business. This means that we are sourcing ethically produced, certified organic fabrics- Oeko-tex standard fabrics.  We produce in small batches so that fabric waste is minimal, and we manufacture in Edmonton, AB.

We offer baby, toddler and little kid wear – we now have a women’s collection in addition to our children’s line!  You will find mommy and me items – including for boy mama’s – and adorable unisex designs that move, breath and grow with your kiddos so they can run and jump and play to their hearts content.

I wanted to create designs that all kiddos could be comfortable in.  I found especially for little girls, the clothing was always bright pink. It was also harder for me to find joggers that were cute and not the legging style – which honestly I think isn’t very warm for my girls and doesn’t allow for a lot of movement.  So the creation of our leggings – a hybrid of a jogger and a legging, both boys and girls can be fashionable and comfy. I really wanted everyone who wears our clothing to be comfortable.  

As a mom and business owner, I would love to say I do it all – but I don’t!  I have learned over the years to say no to the things that won’t work for me or my family.  Sometimes I give 100% to everything, and sometimes I give 30%. It is a juggle, and my shop flows with me as we grow. 

Could I grow it faster – probably, but in the season we are in with little kiddos running around, sometimes I get work done in between naps, and after they are all down for the night – and sometimes I don’t, and I have come to terms with that – for the most part. 

My kids LOVE to test out new patterns.  They are honestly my biggest fans so when new fabric comes in they always want to see it, touch it and know what I’m making!  And of course they are the cutest models a mama can ask for! They have been modelling for me since the day they were born so they are pretty used to it.

To support this mompreneur and her sustainable shop go to to shop!

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