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Forgetting About Your Period With The Box Shoppe

Forgetting About Your Period With The Box Shoppe

Today is the day! The day you feel like super mom! You got the grocery shopping done. You got a balanced meal plan ready. The laundry is not only done, but it’s folded AND put away! The kids are sitting still with an organized craft. You did it Mama! You figured out the secret to- WAIT!


You race upstairs, clenching your cramping tummy with every step. You’re just about to make it to the wash room when you suddenly realise you have no idea if you have tampons, panty liners or pads. You crumble into a ball as you try to clear your head from the thought of the pain. A plan- you need a plan before the disruption of your perfectly functioning day.

And right on cue the kids run to you screaming as they fight over God knows what. You lose your temper, but it’s not them you’re mad at. It’s freaking Aunt Flo!

You trash the house as you search for any type of feminine hygiene product. Anything at all!

Moments later the house is a mess, you’ve opted to give the kids cereal for dinner and you are wearing the baby’s diaper… Damn you Aunt Flo!

Introducing The Box Shoppe. A monthly subscription box delivering the essentials for a safe and productive time of the month. We Mamas have to prepare for so much for our families already. Let’s not add periods to the equation.

You can be prepared for your period a month, four months OR even a year ahead of time! The purpose of the T.O.M. (time of month) Box, is to make being prepared for your period extraordinarily easy with your ideal subscription choice.

The monthly box, quarterly box and yearly box include the same exact products! The Box Shoppe wanted to offer the T.O.M. Box at an affordable price and offer different types of subscription options that fit your budget (and your needs).

Each box includes:

Good Wipes Down There: pH balanced and lavender infused formula to keep you fresh during your period, or even pre/post intimacy! They are alcohol/paraben-free, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and 100% flushable.

Busy Beauty Wipes: safe for all skin types…full body wipes to freshen up, without the stickiness. Tea tree oil removes oils & bacteria, while cucumber, chamomile, and aloe extracts soothe sensitive skin.

Zit Sticka: Microdart technology self-dissolves to target early-stage pimples. Free of parabens, sulfates, mineral and animal oils. Dermatologist approved, vegan, and cruelty free!

Rael Herbal Heat Patch: Adheres to underwear to soothe cramps and discomfort for 6-8 hours!  Also alleviates bloating.

The Box Shoppe has got you covered. Not only taking your mind off of finding products for your monthly period BUT in making certain your body is kept safe from the wrong feminine hygiene products.

With the use of all-natural and organic feminine hygiene products, The Box Shoppe offers a wide array of benefits- both physically and environmentally. 

The Box Shoppe fully supports feeling well and healthy, and that’s exactly what these products do.  Knowing that the pads and tampons you are using are better for your body can relieve some of the drag and drama of getting your period in the first place. With the T.O.M. Box, you are sure to feel better about what products you put in and on your body.

Your average pads and tampons contain ingredients not required by the FDA to be disclosed, so you really don’t know what’s in them.

The Box Shoppe has spent plenty time researching and testing their products on themselves. They see the difference and guarantee you will too.

Organic feminine hygiene products minimize the chances of developing yeast infections, skin rashes, and irritation. The Honey Pot tampons and Rael pads and liners are made from organically grown cotton, making them non-GMO. 

In fact, organically grown cotton requires less irrigation to grow, making these products sustainably efficient for the environment, too!  They are also toxin and BPA free; they do not contain chemicals, chlorine, pesticides, dyes, or synthetics. Best part, they are hypoallergenic. 

To pair, all of the add-ons in the box are alcohol and paraben-free, gentle on skin, and hypoallergenic as well!  

So the question remains, will you be ready for your period? Go to The Box Shoppe to get your period off your mind.

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