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My Personality Portrayed Through A Stamp! – RileyPrints

My Personality Portrayed Through A Stamp! – RileyPrints

There’s literally something magical about them. Back in elementary school you would work your absolute hardest just to get it. You would display it on the refrigerator and point it out to anyone that walked by it… A stamp!

I remember it was as simple as a star or as whacky as a smiley face with sunglasses. But a stamp was all it took to make me feel like a winner.

As I got older I no longer desired stamps on my school work for a job well done. I wanted to gift them to others on my own handmade cards. I wanted to create thank you cards and put my own “signature” stamp as a signature. I wanted to put a stamp on my favorite books so everyone knew they belonged to me. I wanted to stamp my arm like I had a tattoo.

RileyPrints took my idea of a signature stamp to a whole other level! A stamp with MY face on it! I have never seen anything like this. How cool to personalize an item with a “Chanelle Approved” stamp of my face? I am shocked at how it actually looks like me in so few details! I mean when you think of a stamp, it’s only a few lines. But how can a few lines capture so much personality? RileyPrints stamps can!

RileyPrints is the place to go for your very own style of stamps. Often used as gifts for teachers or creative people. Riley herself is able to take a photo of what you’d like your stamp to portray and do the work for you. Going as far as even putting faces on stamps! These are great surprises for those of all ages! Go to to shop now!

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