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All Systems Are Currently Down At Maturing Mama – When Shit Hits The Fan

All Systems Are Currently Down At Maturing Mama – When Shit Hits The Fan

My one year old has been babbling words here and there these days. Currently she’s been yelling bossy demands at her big sister. But rather than saying “SIT!” When gesturing for big sis to sit down, she’s yelling “SHIT!”

Funny enough this was how I felt all day today. On the outside I was cool as a cucumber, laughing off every bump in the road. But on the inside was this frustrated and overwhelmed Chanelle yelling “SHIT!”.

Today everything went wrong that could go wrong with Maturing Mama. I swear the only thing that did not happen was the lights going out. It’s actually kind of embarrassing how bad this all is right now. And you know what, I’m going to keep going.

A lot of people have asked how I’ve come so far with Maturing Mama. And honestly I believe that there are three types of people in this world.

There are those that refuse to move forward because they are afraid they’ll fall.

There are those that take those first few steps, trip, fall and don’t get up. In fear they’ll fall again.

And then there are those that everyone has their eyes on. Some are pointing and laughing at that person as they fall and get back up. Some are yelling words of encouragement to “STAY DOWN!”

And some are even coming to “the rescue”, trying to appear to be helping as they nurse that person’s wound and throw them a pity party.

Don’t cry for me Argentina.

You have a choice. As a mom you know that the only way your little one can start walking and go far, is for him to fall and get a few bumps and bruises along the way.

It’s ok to look silly as you take those scary first few steps. It’s ok to be uncertain of what’s ahead. It’s ok to have bad days where everything goes wrong. Let them point. Let them laugh. But don’t let that keep you from arriving at your goal.

Anyway, currently our staff literally have no internet or email service. So looks like we get a very long weekend ? If you don’t hear from our team this is why. We hope to get our systems back in operation by Monday. In the mean time feel free to use discount code BESTFRIENDS for 50%off everything on our Etsy Shop as my apology to you. Thanks for doing the journey with us!

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