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Do You Know Your Family’s Common Flu Symptoms – HannahBalms

Do You Know Your Family’s Common Flu Symptoms – HannahBalms

The list of items not safe for babies and children are getting longer with each passing day. Mean while, the list of new medicines for children and babies are also getting longer. 

I’m blessed to have a doctor that insists I don’t give my kids medicine when they are sick. Yet there’s an isle in every grocery store and pharmacy dedicated to medicine for babies and children. 

As exhausted parents, we are not interested in being kept up at night (for more hours than we’re accustomed), from the restlessness of our kids while they are not well. In desperation we are drawn to those isles of medicine for babies and children. 

My husband and I have been there. I even opted to use vapor rub on my kids in a moment of desperation. Did you know this can actually cause them difficulty in breathing? (My kids are fine. Don’t worry). 

It’s best to be prepared in advanced with natural remedies for your kids. Products made with ingredients a mom can trust. And to be honest the one person I can truly trust is another mom. Most often you can guarantee that a mom will not promote a product that she will not use on her own children. 

Momprenuers of small businesses such as Hannah from Hannah Balms, start their business of natural remedies after trusting these items to their own children. It’s simple ingredients that you can trust. 

I am so grateful for products that prepare our family for the winter flu season. The first thing I like to do for my kids when they have a cold is what my Mama taught me- baths. A soak in a like warm bath takes away the aches and pains of a flu. 

Hannah Balms has a bath salt mixture perfect for aiding in the release of the yucky toxins and impurities from flus.  Add to that the combination of lavender that gets the kids ready for a deep sleep. 

And if sleep is a problem for the kids- Hannah Balm has a calming  pillow mist made of all natural essential oils. 

Vapor rub is most commonly used in our home. However my kids actually break out in hives if we are consistently covering them in store brand vapor rub.

Hannah Balms has vapor rub for kids made of all natural essential oils. It’s so good to know my kids won’t have to risk itchy skin for the relief of congestion. 

Hannah Balms is your one stop shop for all winter ailments. Winter should be a magical season of looking forward to the holidays and spending time with family. A cold shouldn’t be on the horizon as well.

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