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My #momfails CAN turn into #momwins

My #momfails CAN turn into #momwins

You’ll never change… That’s what the world wants you to think after you’ve made one, maybe two or three mistakes.

As a mom these words haunt our hearts. We believe that our mistakes will follow us and follow the generations of offspring to come.

Everytime our kid makes a mistake we then look back on what number of mistakes we made that would have “butterfly effect” this mistake. It’s a never ending curse. One that we do NOT have to let rule our lives.

It IS possible for moms to learn and grow as mothers. The mother I am today is not the mother I will be tomorrow. I can guarantee I have, am and will get this motherhood thing wrong. That’s all of our realities. But you can bet that the mother I am will put up the greatest fight against my flaws.

You can guarantee I will get up from every failure and try that much harder. That’s what gives me success in motherhood.

When another mother looks at the naughty way your child behaves (they all behave this way at some point) and blames it on your parenting, you can decide if you will accept that comment or erase it from your memories.

Many people in our lives will decide the path we are on. They will decide that we will make the same mistakes time and time again. They will decide who our kids will be and the relationship they will have with us based on our failures. You do NOT have to accept that. You CAN turn your #momfails into #momwins and be an inspiration to mothers everywhere!

The #momfail I am currently working hard on is teaching my kids to love, trust and respect their father. Unfortunately I have put my husband down in front of my kids. I have responded to his mistakes like he will never change. This is something I will not continue and will do whatever ever it takes to change. No matter how many apologies I have to make, discussions I have to have with the kids or classes I need to take at our church. I refuse to let this part of me be my path nor my children’s.

Can you be honest about your #momfail in an effort to turn this into a #momwin?

Maturing Mama is now sending out subscription boxes that encourage growth. This month’s subscription box is themed with this post. It includes a journal to write out your #momfail moments and then a plan on how you will productively turn this around.

I encourage you to be honest about what you believe people will think about your #momfail. Be honest about your greatest fears concerning the outcome. Then write what your greatest triumphs will be as you work on turning these #momfails into #momwins.

Here’s a look at the other items included in this month’s boxes. On discount this weekend only!:

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