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Empowering Kids’ Independence During Bath Time – Ava Quinn’s Felted Soap

Empowering Kids’ Independence During Bath Time – Ava Quinn’s Felted Soap

One day my four year old Esperanza looked at me and said, “I feel stinky. I’m going to take a shower and I don’t need your help”. Of course I followed closely behind her every step of the way to see how she handled it… And to be sure she didn’t flood the bathroom.

Turns out she was paying attention to all the parts that needed washing and how to wash. She wasn’t afraid to turn on the water and knew the right position for the faucet to get the temperature warm and not too hot.

I was pleasantly surprised at her independence. Of course she didn’t touch her hair. She knew that was a difficult task only for mommy. I felt so encouraged by what I saw that the next time she requested a shower on her own I proudly said, “of course!”

It all seemed too good to be true. Then one day I noticed we were running out of soap faster than usual. My daughter wasn’t exactly taking more baths than she did when I gave her baths.

It was then that my husband pointed out he had not noticed I encouraged Esperanza to give herself showers. He protested, “so that’s why we’re running out of soap so quickly!”

I hadn’t thought of it. Of course my four year old wouldn’t understand how to preserve the soap she used. I was just so happy to have her coming out of her bathroom smelling like roses. I didn’t care just how much soap it took to get her there. That was until our grocery bills went up.

How awesome it is that Ava Quinn’s created a bar of soap perfect for kids! This soap is covered in a felt material to get suds out of the soap bar with out excess waste. Esperanza was so excited to have a bath with this little green monster. (She’s been obsessed with the television series Super Monsters).

I personally love how easy it is for her to hold on to the soap with her small hands. Ava Quinn herself says, “you can’t drop the soap”. The felt material is quite grippy even when covered in suds.

This material is a made out of 100% wool. It feels similar to a wash cloth. This gives me assurance my girl is able to scrub all of that dirt off of her. Hubs and I just have to make sure she remembers to put the bar in the soap dish at the end and we are guaranteed a longer lasting bar of soap.

Add to that the fact that Ava Quinn’s soaps are all made of simple ingredients. This little monster was a simple combination of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil with the addition of essential oils.

Once the soap is all gone you can cut a slit in the felt and add your own soap or cut it up for the birds or your compost. 

Bath time for Esperanza has gone to another level. Ava Quinn’s also has shampoo soap made of natural ingredients. Perfect for complexed hair like mine that reacts negatively to chemicals. Encouraging a positive long term effect on our bodies.

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