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Saving the Environment With A Powerful Clean

Saving the Environment With A Powerful Clean

Have you ever had friends that don’t have kids come over? You think your house is clean and looking the best it has in a long time. Then they make a comment like, “I guess the kids keep you from getting cleaning done”. 

In these moments I’m about to defend myself until my friends point out the details of what I missed. Details that don’t register in my mind as messy until it’s too late. 

These are the types of messes that as a parent you simply accept. The walls will always have food splattered on it. The windows will always have finger prints. The mirrors will always have lip prints and tongue smears. Every surface in the house will always have dried on food. It’s now seen as art. A part of the decor.  

The worst part of these surface stains is that as time passes, it becomes harder and harder to clean. They literally turn into cement. The only way to scrub them off in the least time consuming method is often by using the strongest chemicals. 

You know the kind I mean. They often have intense warning labels on the back. A skull and cross bones. Even phone numbers to poison control. 

Not long ago we came home from a week away with the family and found our home swarming with those tiny annoying flies that are so hard to catch. We thought we cleaned up well enough that we should have came home to our place looking much like how we left it. 

This was not the case at all. We thought we cleaned but we really just tidied. Surface areas that were left smeared with food were growing gardens, (to put it nicely), by the time we got back. I was terrified at the thought of the kind of harsh chemical cleaner that we would need to use to get these surfaces back to a decent state. 

Luckily that same evening that we got back from our trip, a package from Epic Legendary Cleaning Products arrived. A simple spray bottle with blue liquid. A description of its contents revealed that it was eco friendly, biodegradable, nonallergenic, odorless… It was practically an all natural product that was least likely to damage the furniture, my hands or the kids’ lungs. 

I was curious as to if this product was truly a powerful clean even with it’s lack of harsh chemicals. I regularly use a spray bottle of water and vinager. However this combination does not get stuck on grime off of surfaces easily. I pretty much have to grab a butter knife to scrape off the residue as I clean. 

Epic Legendary Cleaning Product not only broke down the stuck on food, it left my tables and counters shining! I was shocked. Water and vinager does not work like this! True to it’s label, there was no smell. Even when using my combination of water and vinager, the kids complain about the smell. 

It’s so good to have an easy method of cleaning that’s safe and fast. With kids messes will always happen. It’s part of their learning and fun. I don’t want to punish them for their messes by ruining the future of their environment and their delicate bodies. 

Epic Legendary Cleaning Product is a must have for all moms! Click here to shop!

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