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Preserving A Mother’s Bond With Her Baby – Milkies Jewelry

Preserving A Mother’s Bond With Her Baby – Milkies Jewelry

My baby is now becoming a toddler. She’s walking and sometimes running, (before she face plants). The hardest part about this season of transition is that my milk supply has finally started to decrease. It’s as if the dawn of her first birthday sent some kind of hormonal signal to my boobs to stop producing milk. 

Honestly, with my first born daughter Esperanza, I was proud the moment she was fully weaned. I was proud of her independence and I saw this as a major milestone. This time with my baby girl Izabella I feel at such a loss. Especially because I’m dreading the thought of getting pregnant again. This last pregnancy actually hit me harder than my first. I just want a way to hold onto this connection to my baby a little bit longer without going through another torturous nine months.

Breastfeeding is honestly something I didn’t imagine I’d enjoy as much as I do. I knew it was important and better than formula, so I reluctantly breastfed. Now my heart has grown to love and desire my baby to feed from me. It’s a great bonding experience and the closest thing I can have to her being inside of me just as when I carried her for nine months. 

 As my breastfeeding season draws to a close, I desire a method of holding onto my milk. Holding onto that feeling of being my children’s sole source of nourishment and comfort. I’ve heard of jewelry made from breastmilk before, but at the time I didn’t understand it’s importance for a mother. Why would you want to hold onto milk in the form of a keep sake?

My eyes have now opened to its relevance. It’s a way of managing the transition. A way of letting go without fully being at a loss. What you then carry with you are the memories and you wear it like a badge of honour. Remembering that your body produced all that your child needed in the same manner of which it did as you carried her in your womb. 

Milkies is a company that preserves breast milk, strands of hair and the umbilical chord into keepsake jewelry. You can get these in the forms of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. They are sophisticated and fashionable in presentation. The beads of breast milk appear as pearls. The umbilical chord and strands of hair blend in seamlessly within the jewelry’s material in a way that depicts depth of colour similar to that of a gemstone.

Milkies jewelry is one that can be carried as an heirloom for generations to come. A form of preservation for the bond built within a family and a symbol of honour to the mother that gave up her body for her child.       

Would you like to preserve a memory within jewelry? Visit MILKIES.EU – Breastmilk jewellery!

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