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Natural Medicines For The Whole Family – Remedies on Point

Natural Medicines For The Whole Family – Remedies on Point

Large name pharmaceutical brands do a phenomenal job of advertising their products — so phenomenal, in fact, that consumers are led to believe that these products are their best and only options. I’ve often believed that if a brand has the money for advertising, then the product must be highly successful.

As I’ve grown and matured (including learning some hard lessons about medication), I’ve found that production for the masses typically means the business in question is mainly focused on the financial outcome. They tend to go with whatever works to cure their target ailment, no matter if it brings up other ailments in the process.

I’ve heard by word-of-mouth about Chinese Herbs. Up until now, I believed it was mostly some kind of strange cultish practice. Remedies on Point was my first opportunity to use Chinese Herbs. And to be honest, the first thing I asked Sara after experiencing its immediate effects was, “What is this witchcraft??!!!”

But it’s not witchcraft at all! Sarah gives an in-depth explanation of what Chinese Medicine is:

“I’m a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. I graduated from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in December 2017. 

I’ve always been fascinated with herbs and the natural side of healing. I also did a workshop with one of the herbal teachers at my school on how to make tinctures, and had so much fun that I just ran with it!  

Many of the tinctures are based on traditional formulas but with a modern flair — herbs that help with other stuff like stress and sleep, etc.

I had severe asthma as a kid and was completely overloaded with drugs. I spent a lot of time in the hospital, and often felt awful with all those drugs.  I also grew up in Western Nebraska where healthy eating wasn’t a priority. 

My mom always made very nutritious meals, but there weren’t a lot of green vegetables available. People around often looked down on you if you wanted to be “healthy”.

This caused me to want to empower all people (especially moms) to be in control of their health and wellness. To give them the “first response” tools to take care of themselves and their family. I believe that empowering moms on health creates a healthier family.  

There aren’t any real “side effects” with my tinctures and anyone can use them!  I always recommend to start on the lower dose side for kids.  

My Common Cold Tincture can decrease milk supply with nursing moms, but so can numerous cold medicines. I recommend taking the common cold tincture as soon as you feel a cold coming on. This can kick that cold in a matter of hours/a day, and get you back to nursing without seeing much (if any) decrease in milk supply.  

It is possible for someone have an allergy to these remedies; however, I have yet to hear of any allergic reactions. 
I use a gluten-free vodka as the base, along with high quality glycerin. All my raw herbs are organic and lab-tested from a company within California.  

As with many Chinese herbal formulas, long-term use could possibly fix the problem altogether, and the herbs would no longer be needed.  

It’s like repairing a floor very slowly.  If you keep filling the gap, eventually it will get fixed. But there is also daily wear and tear, so consistent maintenance might be needed. Over time, the maintainance could become very minimal.  As for any long term bad side effects with my tinctures and salve — there are none.”

Personally, I have been shocked by the results of these natural remedies. I’ve recently discussed with readers the difficulties I’ve had with getting to sleep at night. I’ve written it off as simply my excitement for this season of blogging and marketing. My psychiatrist, however, labeled it manic depression. 

He recommended I start taking sleep medication. However, I have seen the effects of this medication on my mom. She used it for a number of years and her body did not respond to it well. 

I told the psychiatrist that I would rather try any natural remedy other than a pharmiceutical drug first. Remedies on Point has a product called R&R that encourages rest and relaxation. Just 1-3 drops under my tongue before I go to bed. 

I am often tense as I wait to drift off to sleep. At times this turns into a full blown panic attack as my mind races to figure out what I’ve forgotten to do that I should do right away. 

R&R from Remedies on Point first relaxed my body. My muscle tension decreased. My heartbeat slowed to a steady rhythm. My mind stopped searching for potential problems; I don’t even remember falling asleep. But when I woke up and looked at my Fitbit app to explore my stages of sleep, I found that I had spent over an hour in deep sleep unlike previous nights when I spent less than a half hour. 

The Muscle Salve is another necessary product for a good night’s sleep. I have severe scoliosis with a 50 degree curve. I’ve lived with this condition for so long that back pain has become just another part of life for me.

Sleeping has never truly been comfortable for me with my condition. I’m used to tossing and turning every few minutes. I refuse to take over the counter pain medication for this, because I would be taking it every night. I don’t believe that would be good for my body.

The Muscle Salve by Remedies on Point worked instantly for me. I was so shocked I asked my husband to try it. He injured his back at a construction job years ago and it flares up in pain every now and then. He was just as shocked as I was after rubbing this product on his back and experiencing the relief. 

My back pain didn’t come back until twelve hours later! And when it did, it was far less painful as it previously was. I’m so glad to have discovered Remedies on Point. I can honestly keep going on about their other products… okay, just one more. 

I’m sure some of you may recall my bad habit of picking at my chin. It’s something I do when I’m nervous. I believe that there are chin hairs and go to town — to the point that my chin is bleeding and my husband is begging me to stop. 

The other night I looked at my chin. It was its usual scabby self with light patches of skin where the pigment was pulled off (? TMI). It looked dry. Even after putting on my regular face cream. I looked over at the Skin Salve for burns, cuts and rashes and I figured it couldn’t hurt. 

The next day it hit me… I didn’t touch my chin at all. I didn’t feel the need to. I looked in the mirror and saw that the pigment was finally coming back and my skin was super soft. Perhaps it was the dryness of it after it started to scab over that caused me to pick at it again. I’m so sorry if this is still TMI. But all this to say, this stuff really works! 

These products belong in the medicine cabinets of every family home! Click Here to shop!

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