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The Silky Feel of Goat’s Milk – Honey Sweetie Acres

The Silky Feel of Goat’s Milk – Honey Sweetie Acres

Have you found that one skincare product that’s perfect for your skin no matter the season, stage of life or living destination?

After having lived in drastically different time zones and climate zones, (Trinidad, Canada, Hawaii & Australia). I’ve learned that it’s not just my skin that’s the problem. It’s a combination of numerous different factors. 

My pregnancy skin has differed from one pregnancy to another. My skin feels drier while living in the prairies compared to living near the ocean. Even now that I am weaning my baby off of my milk, again I am noticing my skin changing. 

In all honesty I have not been kind to my skin. In the past I would rather have a product that is approved by a well known celebrity before I do my research and use what my skin needs.

Not long ago I discovered the amazing health benefits of using natural products from the kitchen on my skin. Avocado was one that worked wonders! The only problem is… Have you seen what happens to avocados after you’ve cut them open and leave them out even for a couple hours in the fridge? ? 

It goes bad fast! And of course it does. I mean it’s fresh and ripe. But what an expense that is! Plus avocados in Canada are not easily accessible and affordable. 

Regina from Honey Sweetie Acres has provided her skills as a chemist to create soap made from avocados and raw goats milk. These soaps contain alpha-hydroxy acids. Acids that assist in the removal of dead skin cells. A process resulting in a smoother and younger complexion.

Here is Regina to tell us more:

The fat content of our soap is very high, keeping your skin moist and healthy. Goat milk soap will not dry your skin like commercial soaps.  

Another benefit of goat milk soap is its naturally occurring vitamin contents: Vitamin A, C, E, several B vitamins, amino acids and natural enzymes.  All of these nourish our skin, keeping it healthy. 

Honey Sweetie Acre Farms create goat milk soaps from Nigerian dwarf dairy goats, which produce the highest fat content resulting in the creamiest soaps.

We wanted real raw goat milk to consume and started with 2 goats.  My chemistry background enabled me to make goat milk soap for my husband’s skin condition. We cleared his condition within a month and it never came back! Whereas prescription medication would help for a while and then the condition would return.  

We began to sell soap for fun at farmer’s markets thinking it would eventually be a fun retirement gig. The soap began to sell rapidly!  

I reformulated the recipe to use a majority of organic ingredients. I left my corporate job in the chemical industry to formulate and create products based in nature and well the rest is history.   

We now make 50 – 60K bars a year in addition to other holistic/skin safe products.

In today’s world of mass production, a major concern with the use of products from animals is their safety. Honey Sweetie Acres is currently the only distributor of soap made from goats milk that are Certified Humane. 

Many may not understand the thorough process it takes to be Certified Humane. Regina explains further:

To be Certified Humane requires an annual inspection by examiners. They look at 

– The space the animals occupy

– The health & condition of the animals

– What the animals are fed (the ingredients are examined closely to make sure there are no animal by-products). 

– The animal’s ability to engage in natural behaviors

– Our Parasite Prevention records

– Our records of breedings and births

– Our Health records….vaccinations and treatment of illnesses

– Our Record of Hoof Trimming

– Other management practices

– Milking records and how they conform to milk used in soap production

The inspection generally takes 6 – 8 hours. We are currently the ONLY Goat Milk Soap Producer in the United States that is Certified Humane. 

When using Honey Sweetie Acres soap what I first noticed was the silky feeling on my skin. To then add the goat milk moisturizer, my skin absorbed it in such a way that it wasn’t left feeling greasy. It was like the moisture did not simply sit on top of my skin. I noticed a difference in my complexion immediately. My face had a natural glow. 

Click here to order affordable and Certified Humane skincare products.

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