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Feeding A House of Boys with Variety Fun

Feeding A House of Boys with Variety Fun

I am the mother of four boys. Four growing, active, hungry, starving, hungry, very noisy, hungry boys. Oh, and I should probably mention they eat a lot too.
Anytime we leave the house my biggest panic is how soon someone is going to be asking for food.

Whenever I cook a meal I need to have figured out a plan for what snack I will have available for them as soon as they have rinsed their plate and put it into the dishwasher. My boys’ lives revolve around vast amounts of food. SO. MUCH. FOOD. And if we are being perfectly honest, so do my husband’s and myself!

I had heard about all these meal subscription boxes and snack boxes people were raving about. At certain points I looked into some to see if they could work for us. One time I even ordered a snack box because they were having a really great special. But my final assessment with every single option was always the same… NOT. ENOUGH. FOOD.

We would have to order several boxes of any given meal or snack box to even remotely scratch the surface of my family’s appetite. It just didn’t seem worth it for us. I can buy bags and bags of snack food and within a week every cabinet in my house is empty. No snack box I ever saw even came close to the amount of food that would be enough for even a day out at the park.

Then we came across Variety Fun.
It looked as though their box had more food than any we had seen offered anywhere else. But still, I was extremely skeptical.

Our box happened to arrive the morning we were leaving to go camping. And I was planning to stop for extra snacks to pack on the way to the campground.

The boys SO excitedly ran downstairs when they saw what came in. I had them open the lid and begin to discover all that was inside this box. I kid you not, it was like clowns scurrying out of a clown car. These bags and boxes of food just seemed to multiply out of thin air because there was no way all this food could fit into that box!

There was a huge variety, from savory to sweet and everything in-between. It was the very first time I felt as though this amount of food actually made a difference in our household.

The fact that we were leaving to go camping was a bonus test to see how far this food could really stretch. We brought the box along with us and didn’t stop to pick up anything else. We went camping for three full days. We shared these snacks with friends and packed back up what was left when we were headed home. I felt like we had barely made a dent!
After we got home, we had food from our box for two more weeks! No food in this house stretches that far!

There was not a single thing my family was not interested in. Every snack was delicious. I am so happy to know about this wonderful box that takes a whole lot of grocery shopping off my hands. Not to mention all the time it saves me not having to figure out snacks between meals. I just simply throw everything into our snack drawer for anyone to help themselves as desired.

Thank you Variety Fun for offering a subscription box that actually feeds a hungry family of 6! CLICK HERE to get your snack subscription!

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