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Stand Out With Me & My Tee

Stand Out With Me & My Tee

What you wear ought to stand out as much as your unique personality. T-shirt company “Me & my tee” is setting this trend with unique designs made by Adela. Here is her story:

I’ve loved making art from a very young age. I started art school at the age of 12 and later gravitated to the digital medium. I’ve seen many t-shirts out there in stores that are not so great. They don’t make you laugh or bring about any feelings, so I decided to give t-shirt making a try and began creating my own. 

I’m trying to make them simple/minimalistic, going for the illustration/lettering look as opposed to intricate works of art. I’m usually thinking about what I and others would like to wear. Many times I am getting the ideas at the most unexpected times, like when waking up, or while working on something else.

I want people to identify with the illustrations and t-shirt designs. I want them to speak to them, and spark a connection, a smile, or a thought. I love to make designs that others can relate to. Some of them like “Don’t touch” is meant to let people know the person wearing it is not so social, but in a cute funny way. I hope the designs generate positive thoughts only!

Hilariously I’m not a person that’s much into fashion or trends. But I do like to wear unique items, and the shirts found in my store are unique and created by an illustrator/artist – I am the illustrator behind the designs (my artist website is or instagram @adelacreative). This sets me apart, because most of the websites selling t-shirts have purchased svg files and combine them on a t-shirt, what I do is create mine from scratch, so you won’t find the exact same illustrations anywhere else.

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