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Celebrating Yourself No Matter When or Where – PalmBeach Jewelry

Celebrating Yourself No Matter When or Where – PalmBeach Jewelry

“But I have to wear a dress to look like a princess!!!”

This is my constant argument with my four year old. “You are a princess no matter what you wear!”, is all I can say.

I don’t know where this belief started that the moment she puts pants on, she has then lost her title of princess. Perhaps Disney needs to put more princesses in casual clothing. I guess there is Princess Penelope from Wreck It Ralph. Not to mention that memorable scene within the second movie where she convinces the classic Disney princesses to dress themselves comfortably and they change into the cutest and trendiest outfits. (Apologies if you haven’t seen the second movie yet… But it’s your fault ?).

Carrying oneself like royalty means knowing no matter the circumstance nor season of life, you are still worth celebrating. 

There are times that everyone feels unattractive. Everyone feels unworthy of being longed for by another and unworthy of being in the presence of important people. 

What is it that you do to remind yourself that you are worth celebrating? Some call it self-care. 

It’s taking a moment to do something that makes you feel important. Much like the moment my daughter insists she has to throw on a bright pink tutu over her jeans.

For me, all it takes is a bit of shimmer coming from a piece of jewelry on me to make me feel precious. 

Gold and silver pieces of jewelry with stones and sapphires are items often too expensive to attain. When it is attained, it is often stored away for that one special occasion that you hope will come up soon. That moment that you can pair this jewelry item with an evening gown to complete the look. 

The budget of the average mom is suitable for a knock off of an expensive jewelry piece. This piece can only be worn infrequently, in fear that it turns one’s skin green. 

Quality jewelry pieces do not have to take away from your grocery buget. PalmBeach Jewelry offers quality without sacrificing affordability. With pieces that embrace the beauty of motherhood in its elegance and sheen. 

A little sparkle is sometimes all it takes to remember the you are worth celebrating. CLICK HERE to shop using discount code TAKE20. This offers gives you $20 off when spending $50, as well as Free Shipping on purchase over $40+ and FREE CZ stud earrings after spending over $75!

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