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Ashtae Hair Products – For All Levels of Curls In Our Mixed Family

Ashtae Hair Products – For All Levels of Curls In Our Mixed Family

Let me be honest in saying, there’s a certain pride us black people have concerning our hair. It’s pride because it takes so much work! I love it when white people say to me, “why don’t you just wear your natural hair?” As if it’s really that easy. No, it is not!

There was once a time I wore my natural hair in an Afro every day in high school. This was after years of wearing it in protective styles (braids). My hair was diva-licious like Beyoncé’s wig in Austin Powers: Gold Member. Now my mother, the wise woman that she is, told me not to wear my natural hair out like that. She warned me! I didn’t listen. 

Kids at school would play games to see how many items they could stick in my hair without me noticing. I was seriously pulling out paper airplanes and pencils. Luckily the Chanelle back then was quite the goof ball, so I laughed it off. I wasn’t offended, just a little agitated. What really got me was walking down the school hallways and having both students and teachers touching my hair! For my Caucasian sisters out there, how would you like it if every time you were in a crowd, people’s hands were in your hair? Remember that if you ever feel brave enough to touch a black person’s hair. It’s quite invasive.

Now, I get it. It’s quite different. You’re in awe of it! I get it! But because so many people kept touching my hair, the moisture was leaving with each passing hand. One teacher, for real, put his hand in my hair and noticed the amount of oil left on his hand. And he acted all grossed out! I’m like, “well who told you to do that anyway?!” Of course you know for straight hair, if there’s oil, it’s dirty. For black people, it’s healthy. That’s expensive oil. 

Needless to say, my hair began to shrink. It broke up so terribly that my friends kept saying “oh, you cut your hair!”. I didn’t. After that experience, I never wore my hair out in a natural Afro like that again. I learned my lesson. 

My Point: Natural black hair is not easy to work with! You have to find the right product. And it’s even worse if you live in a predominantly straight haired society. To my black sisters who have hair salons in these areas, I’m talking to you. The prices of natural hair products in these areas of Canada are horrendous! And then you have the audacity to judge my hair care when you see me. Put your prices down!

This is clearly a sore spot for me haha. 

I’ve even tried many different products on my four year old’s hair. Her hair is quite unique. The thing about her hair is that it’s somewhere between mine and my husband’s; and husband does not have straight hair. His hair is rather a loose curl that can turn into a luxurious bouncy hairstyle when grown out (he’s proud of the fact that ladies envied his hair when he wore it very long). I always thought mixed hair would be so easy to care for. I mean, if it’s a step under mine, I already know the right products! HA! Nope! When I boldly went to Dax (it’s literally grease in a jar), my four year old’s hair looked like tar. It was far too powerful for her. 

While raising my daughter, we only used coconut oil in her hair. This is something I highly recommend for as long as you’re able. However, by the age of three, her hair started to fight back! And I mean fight back! It hurt just putting my fingers through it to get those beautiful curls out. 

For those of you that have followed me for a while I’m sure you would have noticed how dry my four year old’s hair has been. I was so proud of her healthy curls back in the day. I would even give that typical look to Caucasian mamas with their mixed girls. (I am so so sorry!). You know that look like, “honey, you need help with your daughter’s hair care!” I acted like I knew, when I truly had no idea. 

After having another baby and losing so much sleep, I was in no mood to do my daughter’s hair care ritual. So not only was her hair fighting moisture, but I was also not putting it in protective hair styles. One day I said the most dreaded words to my mom. I told my mom I was considering cutting my daughter’s hair. Just to give it a fresh start. I’m so glad I was video chatting with her, because she would have spanked me if she could. 

Here’s what I’ve needed for hair care products:

  • A shampoo and conditioner that is made for curly hair. (Yes there is a difference). 
  • A leave in conditioner that is not too heavy but still does the job. 
  • A styling product that holds its shape while adding to the health of hair. 

Introducing Ashtae hair care products! Now here’s the most astonishing thing about these products that literally brings me to tears… it works for both my daughter and me! I never thought this day would come. This factor on its own would make buying hare care products more affordable. However, these products are also super affordable! 

My daughter’s hair was very dry when we started. The last thing I had put in it was… now don’t judge… Gotta Be Glue Hair Gel. I know! I know! It just wouldn’t stay for church! You know how it is. You brush it into a bun and in an hour it’s got frizz all around it. 

Often times, the advice you hear for mixed and black hair is “don’t shampoo. Just forget about it, because it takes away all the moisture you try to put in it. It’s just not worth it.” However, The Ashtae Moisturizing Shampoo is sulphate-free! Made for “ultimate hair recovery”, according to the bottle. It is jam packed with everything dry hair needs: Argan Oil, Pro Vitamin B5, Keratin and Collagen. 

Many conditioners boast it’s moisturizing qualities, but the proof is always in how the hair looks once it’s dry. My daughter’s hair would often look like an explosion just hours after conditioning. Ashtae’s Heavenly Silk & Shine Conditioner is made for “chemically treated and over-stressed hair”. If you’ve ever chemically treated your hair in any way (this includes those with straight hair), you know how dry it gets. Like it could disintegrate if you rub strands between two fingers. The fact that this conditioner is made to tackle that, means it has its PHD in hair care. It knows what it’s doing! As I said, the proof is in how the hair dries, and my daughter’s hair became the kind of curls one could only get from hours spent with a curling iron. 

After washing I originally meant to style her hair in braids. But when I saw the condition it was left in after it dried, I just had to leave those beautiful curls. It’s been so long since I’ve seen them like this. She even went to bed with her hair out and woke up with the curls still intact! Typically this would turn her hair into dreads. I ran my fingers through her hair this morning and it was so soft. It was like every curl was giving me a hug for having shown them so much love. 

The Ashtae Moisture Plus Leave-In is what I used before I put my girl to bed. It doesn’t take much to get through her entire head. Barely a tea spoon size did the trick. After seeing what it did to my daughter’s curls I had to test it out on my own hair. Now, I usually shave my head. I hate the feeling of hair on my head. I love the clean feeling of a shaved head while at home. My hair has just started to grow into a little Afro and as usual I’m just about at the point of agitation where I will lose my mind if I don’t shave my head. Out of curiosity, I put a little bit of the Moisture Plus Leave-In through my hair. Then a little Heavenly Foam Lotion and whoa! I didn’t know my hair could curl! My hair… curls?! Without having been jerry curled, it curls! And it’s so soft! My husband was even shocked. So… ladies, I think it’s time I revisit this idea of going natural. I’m convinced! In fact I’m hooked!

Ashtae offers bundle deals for purchasing multiple products. Why doesn’t every hair care product line do this? I mean, of course it’s best if I use the shampoo and conditioner with the same brand of leave in conditioner and styling gel. They were made for each other! But it’s like most product lines don’t understand that it’s best to reward me for purchasing the entire product line. Don’t punish me for it! 

When was the last time you showed your curls some love? Ashtae is the way to go! It’s affordable and it works for all types of curls! CLICK HERE to shop!

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