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Mental Health and Empowerment of the African-American Woman – Designs By Tee

Mental Health and Empowerment of the African-American Woman – Designs By Tee

Introducing Tamara; creator and designer of t-shirts to empower women with focus on the African-American woman. Here to tell her point of view, this is Designs By Tee:

I believe the African-American single black mother has a lot of responsibility. She works hard, oftentimes taking on two jobs to raise her kids and to give them a valuable education. 

It is this resilience that makes black women unique and adoring. Within the media as well as within the average African-American community, I see these women face domestic violence and numerous instances of racial crimes.

This is leading to the creation of mental barriers that harm their personal and professional development. You might have been a victim of racial stereotyping, worse; a victim of a hate crime. But your strength to stand up to the injustice in the world is what makes the difference.

Rise in Mental Health Conditions:

How do black women perceive medical conditions such as anxiety disorders and PTSD while leading everyday lives?

Empowerment matters and that is the reason I created a T-Shirt business. The young black woman is the typical Queen mother and fierce warrior when she is working relentlessly to make ends meet.

The Road to Empowerment:

We face a lot of pressure to work hard in college or in a job. I’ve noticed within America, black women need to work twice as hard to achieve as much as many students and employees of other ethnicities. 

This creates some distressing obstacles for us as young adults and can lead us to these psychological conditions. This, in turn, will stunt our professional careers. 

Entrepreneurs like me work hard to support businesses with the mission to create a positive impact on society. 

We’re running a T-shirt business and the latest design is “Queen Mother Fierce warrior”. The underlying message I want to project is the extraordinary grit and courage of the young black woman, who has to overcome barriers in this world.

CLICK HERE to shop and read more insightful thoughts from Tamara! These are T-shirts for the everyday woman that encourage and inspire. I would be proud to see any ethnicity wearing a shirt that supports and encourages the African-American community.

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