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The Healing Benefits of The Random Tea Room

The Healing Benefits of The Random Tea Room

As a child living in Trinidad we knew first hand the benefits of natural products for ailments. Medication was not easily accessible at this time. My mother taught me recipes using natural plants and herbs to make teas for my daughter as a baby. I knew these as the best products for children. 

Teas of today are becoming more and more processed. With flavors similar to that of ice cream flavors. I’ve had such teas as: 

  • Birth-Day Cake 
  • Caramel Pop-corn
  • Red Velvet Cake
  • Cotton Candy  

Sure, these flavors are best served in a tea than in its actual form. But teas were originally a form of benefiting ones health and well being. The Random Tea Room has taken tea back to its true form. With combinations of dried plants and herbs that bring complex flavors and unique health benefits. 

My favorite tea would have to be Simmer Down. With its blend of chamomile, lemon balm, motherwort, peppermint, lavender, and passionflower; it was exactly what I needed for the day I was having. As many of you know, I recently started my journey of adult braces. The evening that I had this tea my teeth were aching and I was having a minor panic attack about the unfamiliar combination of metal wires stuck to my teeth! I was far from relaxed and trying very hard to keep myself from grabbing at my braces and using all my strength to yank them right out!  

The only thing this tea didn’t do after I drank a full cup, was make me a warm bubble bath with a glass of red wine. I was floating. My eyes were heavy. I felt like I could just melt into my bed. And that night I had a very deep sleep. 

My four year old loves tea. Of course it’s because I made her home made natural teas as a baby. However in recent years we stopped giving her tea because the common form in our home was store bought and contained caffeine. I had no patience or energy to make my own natural blends. How convenient to now have a ready made blend of natural dried herbs!

I made myself a cup of For The Defense and my daughter ran over to me right away. I believe it was the sweet smell of cinnamon coming from my cup that attracted her attention. 

This tea is a blend of cinnamon, chamomile, nettle, marshmallow root, dandelion, clove, licorice and elderberry. It boasts its benefit of supporting the immune system when it is battling an ailment. My daughter’s excitement over this tea was very encouraging. She downed a cup in no time flat and declared at the end that it was delicious. Thank God! I would feel much better reaching for this before a cough syrup when she’s ill. 

These teas are clearly more than a simple hug in a cup. Respiratory Rescue is one we intend on having during British Columbia’s annual summer forest fire season. It has a combination of nettle, dried ginger, mullein, licorice and elderberry. This is my husband’s favorite because licorice is his favorite flavor. 

Every year in the peak of the summer heat, the atmosphere of British Columbia develops a haze of smoke from forest fires that is especially concerning for children. It is in this time that we have to keep the children in doors as much as possible. Everyone feels the difficulty of breathing the moment we step outside, even just for a few minutes.

It’s comforting to know that we have a natural remedy for upcoming ailments within the months ahead. Especially with the fact that tea within its dry state remains fresh for a year! There’s more in store for you at The Random Tea Room.

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