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Thank You To The Non Biological Moms

Thank You To The Non Biological Moms

My mom has been amazing! She is the toughest mom I know. An amazing representation of Jesus’ love. She has fought for us kids and to this day when given the opportunity she will still fight for us and our spouses!

My mom always encouraged us kids to get out into the world. Don’t hold onto staying close to her and give up on great opportunities and experiences.

Whenever my mom comes to visit us wherever we are in the world, there is one thing she has always done that warms my heart. She will ask to go see every woman we have regarded as a mother figure. And she gives that woman a big hug and says thank you.

It always warms my heart. She tells them how blessed she is that God sends other moms our way to continue where she has left off.

And these mother figures have literally taken my husband, kids and I in! I can list off so many late night emergency phone calls, meals provided, clothes provided and insane amounts of gifts for my kids.

So this is for all the none biological moms out there. Whether you are an actual mom that has taken in someone else’s kids as your own. Whether you are a foster parent. A legal guardian. Perhaps just a neighbor that drops off baked goodies at the Fraternity house down the street.

You have chosen to be a mother to someone when you didn’t have to! Thank you for that. You are of detrimental importance!

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