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Life At Its Climax & Onto Its Closing Act…

Life At Its Climax & Onto Its Closing Act…

I always thought it was weird that women would lie about their ages as they turned thirty. The media portrayed it as normal. As normal as a man going through a mid life crisis.

I’m 27 now and even though I do believe that’s still quite young, I get nervous at the thought of 30 being right around the corner. I didn’t expect I would feel this way. It’s like I’m beginning to grasp the reality that I’m nearing the climax of my life.

But then there are some women I spend time with, believing they are not far off from my age. One friend in particular just revealed to me that she’s in her early 40s! I thought she was a whole ten years younger! But it truly hit me she was actually in her 40s when I had to explain to her how to download an app.

I really need to grasp that age is just a number. But I keep anxiously anticipating grey hair, aching joints and that moment I finally say the phrase “I’m too old for that sh**”.

I didn’t think I would anticipate thirty this way. When I was a teenager dreaming about what life would be like now, I truly believed my care-free attitude would still be here. In some ways I suppose it is. But in others I find myself panicking at the thought that my life will soon come to it’s closing act.

Why can’t I just focus on the here and now. Just ignore that need to hold onto yesterday. Are there tricks to this that I haven’t learned yet? Does everyone get to this place in their lives?

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