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Delicious & Good for the Whole Family – Lita’s Mexican Foods

Delicious & Good for the Whole Family – Lita’s Mexican Foods

I am blown away! My family have eaten many different variations of Vegan tacos. We’ve tried meat substitutes using beans, barley, quinoa and these fillings all had one thing in common. They are all very dry. 

The one thing a meat alternative has to have for a previous carnivore or a carnivore trying a healthier alternative, is the juice. When biting into a regular meat taco, there is juice within the meat filling. It’s just not the same if it’s dry. It’s not satisfying and my family has often been left feeling disappointed. 

This was not the case for Lita’s Mexican Foods. These are vegan frozen meal kits containing 6 tortilla shells and seasoned taco filling. The filling simply needs to be heated up, while the taco shells need to be cooked in a hot pan. This takes less than five minutes. 

Our favorite was the Tinga Vegan Taco Kit. The filling was made with Enoki Mushrooms and Jackfruit in a smokey chipoltle sauce. 

My goodness! Now, my husband and I have been to Mexico before. Not resort style Mexico but village style. We both went on missions trips to areas where we lived with the locals and got home made food by older ladies from the local church. We know authentic Mexican flavors and this hit the mark! 

It was jam packed with flavor, like it was freshly made. I couldn’t believe it only took ten minutes to get ready. This was the perfect meal for our family especially because we don’t have the energy to cook complexed meals for dinner. But we still long for something flavorful and fun for the whole family. 

My husband said this was his favorite Vegan meal and that says more than you can imagine! For me, it’s not just the fact that this meal kit is Vegan, but that it’s a healthier alternative for my family AND it takes no time at all to cook up. 

If you want to get your hands on the best flour tortillas and plant based taco fillings, Lita’s Mexican Foods can be found throughout Vancouver and Surrey in various large and small grocery stores. Click here to check their website for locations to create the best taco Tuesday and Cinco De Mayo party ever! Be sure to follow @litasmexicanfoods for updates on what’s new.

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