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Happy Easter – Relax God’s Got Your Back – Maker & Mine

Happy Easter – Relax God’s Got Your Back – Maker & Mine

Happy Easter weekend!

I approach this Easter weekend differently than I have in the past. I approach it in acceptance of grace, knowing that God’s got my back. 

It’s funny how much pressure I’ve put on myself to forgive others, meanwhile forgetting that in order to do so, I need to forgive myself first. 

Strange idea isn’t it? But this is when I’ve accepted the reality that I can’t do this life right. It’s scary just how easy it is to mess up. In fact it’s too easy. There’s even more opportunities to screw up more people than myself once I became a mom. 

I’ve often put unrealistic expectations on myself. Believing I have to live up to the standard of someone worth dying for. But then in doing so, I put others in the same category. Believing that they ought to know better just as I do. 
I’ve hurt people and worked hard to make it right. I beat myself up about mistakes I’ve made in an effort to fix my mistakes. And my efforts proved wrong. 

I cannot save myself. I am incapable. I have no better excuse for why I’ve messed up other than… It felt good at the time. 
The only way I can expect better of myself, though, is by knowing there’s a greater being on my side. There’s a strength that’s greater than the strength I have. 

I’m even incapable of being a good Christian girl. I have days I question if Jesus Christ did die for my sins. And then as I take another breath of life. As my heart fills with joy at the sight of my beautiful family and home, I realise that Jesus still loves me even in moments when I am incapable of believing his love is real. Man, that right there is true love. 
Here’s my reminder every day. This coffee mug revealing the truth sometimes not seen. “Relax, God’s Got Your Back”. 

The moment I wake up to the start of a new day. As I embrace the opportunity to leave the Chanelle of yesterday in the past. I accept Jesus Christ’s forgiveness of my sins. And I walk out this forgiveness by allowing myself to relax and not put up any unrealistic expectations for myself. 

Take the day moment by moment and know that if I mess up, there is grace from the Lord Jesus Christ. The savior of the world. God in human form. He loves you so much, he allows you to choose to love him and doesn’t force anyone. 
Thank you Maker & Mine for the opportunity to feature this great reminder of the love of Jesus Christ.

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