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Brightening Up the Indoors with Dee’s Fine Art

Brightening Up the Indoors with Dee’s Fine Art

April showers bring May flowers. I know some of you can relate to this right now, as your city has not received the memo that it’s Spring. With the grey skies beckoning on a picturesque Spring view in a number of weeks, we ought to build up our excitement by brightening up the indoors.

Personally my mood is often affected by the weather. Even more so, when my indoor surroundings are just as dull. My husband and I have a great love for hand painted art. A canvas of brightly swirling colors that tells a story can lift anyone’s mood. 

I’m often searching for different methods of displaying art around the house. Too many canvasses on the walls seems to turn our home into more of an art gallery without that “homey” feel. 

I was awestruck when I found these beautiful throw pillows by Dee’s Fine Art. I’ve already found myself feeling bored at the sight of our brown throw pillows, that match the couches. I needed something that stood out and told it’s own story. 

These pillows from Dee’s Fine Art are hiptnotizing. They are hand painted canvases by Dina, that are then printed onto pillow cases. One with swirls of galaxies in vibrant colors. The other with ocean blue waves. 

I especially wanted the oceanic scene on one of the pillows because it takes me back to our time spent living in Hawaii. While looking at it I am suddenly overwhelmed by the smell of the sea breeze.

My heart rate slows down into a deep state of relaxation as the sounds of waved echo in my ears. The surface of my skin even warms up as my mind goes back to the feeling of the hot sun on my skin. I am back home in paradise. And suddenly what was a rainy day that instilled sadness, is suddenly pleasantly relaxing. 

You can find a story of your own through Dee’s Fine Art. Click here to shop now!

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