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Mama Needs A Minute – Miane’s Shoppe

Mama Needs A Minute – Miane’s Shoppe

There’s something special about spotting someone in a public setting with a shirt that says exactly what you’re thinking. Even better, when it’s exactly what you’re feeling. Especially when you believed, “I am the only one”.

Shirts with quotes printed at the front are the latest trend. Many are humerous in nature. But how special it is when it I both humerous and heartfelt.

Miane’s Shoppe was established on November 11th, 2018 at exactly 11:11am. Her’s is a shop for the everyday woman with the everyday bank account.

“I wanted to own my own business for a really long time. I was never sure on what though. I didn’t think I could do an online clothing store because I am not always trendy. But I have always loved clothes and want to wear something different than everyone else.

The idea for Miane’s Shoppe came to me about a year or so ago. My husband and I were talking about different things we would like to do and he reminded me that I love clothes. I don’t always have to have the latest trend, but I love clothes and I love to wear clothes that look nice, comfortable and affordable.”

– Missy

Missy (Melissa) Violette understands the average woman’s desire to have fashionably comfortable attire at affordable prices! And with this she has also encompassed conversation starters onto her Graphic Shirts.

Upon first look at her clothing site, her “Mama Needs A Moment” sweater instantly stood out to me.

How true this message was for every mom no matter the season of motherhood they are in. What a wonderful reminder to myself and the world!

I asked Missy what she felt the significance was of creating this particular statement and here’s what she said:

“One, it’s a conversation starter. I can’t tell you how many times I hear “oh mama needs more than a minute” when people see my “Mama Needs a Minute” Shirt.

Two, I feel it shows people that they are not alone. Moms see my “Mama Needs a Minute” shirt and they can completely relate.”

– Missy

Miane’s Shoppe hits all the marks for a mother that doesn’t want to sacrifice quality for affordability! But that’s not the only perk to shopping with this quaint online shop.

I love supporting small businesses that allow moms to do what they love from the comfort of home!

I asked Missy what were some other advantages of shopping with Miane’s Shoppe and here’s what she highlighted:

“Finding unique clothes that you can’t find in retail stores.

For my graphic tees, I try to find original and fun designs or quotes. For my sweaters, I want them to be comfortable but cute at the same time.

We always offer free shipping on any orders over $50. If it’s under $50, we offer a flat fee of $4.

With these prices you are not paying crazy amounts for shipping. You’re spending your money on what you should be, you!”

– Missy

CLICK HERE to get your statement shirt at Miane’s Shoppe! Use discount code maturingmama25 for 25% OFF!

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