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One of A Kind Fashion – What A Great Hat Boutique

One of A Kind Fashion – What A Great Hat Boutique

“…for me making hats is a way to express and share my creativity. And it’s also an opportunity for my customers to buy a one-of-a-kind, quality handmade piece of wearable art.”
– Paula Singleton

In our world today we are taught that one must fit in, especially in the manner they dress.

I grew up in Trinidad where children were instructed to wear uniforms while in school. I often admired American television shows where what kids wore to school made a statement of who they were on the inside. 

The moment my family settled in North America after I turned eleven, I embraced the opportunity to dress in a fun and creative manner. One that no one could easily copy.

I wore large neck ties with fun patterns on it. I wore skirts over top a pair of jeans. I wore Velcro shoes and large overalls! And oh the best part of my outfits were my hats. 

In Junior high students were not permitted to wear hats. But the moment we entered high school we only had to take them off during the national anthem. 

I had so much fun wearing different styles of hats… As I entered adulthood that excitement for creativity in what I wore got lost in the workplace world of wearing waitress uniforms and camp counselor tshirts. 

One day I examined my wardrobe to find that my clothes were all shades of grey. There was no more excitement. 

I’ve slowly started to put myself out there once again and in doing so have found some beautifully bold statement pieces of clothing from small online boutiques. One of these items that I am so excited to have found are hats! 

I stumbled upon Paula Singleton’s beautifully hand crafted hats. And how magnificent to find a hat that was created with feeling and spontaneity. A hat that is one of a kind made solely for its owner. 

 “I’m inspired by nature, color combinations, anything that catches my eye that I can file away and use for a future piece.”

– Paula Singleton

But I wondered, how does one go from having lost their bold fashion sense to wearing a statement hat?

“When someone comes to me who is not a hat wearer, I generally suggest starting out with a fun fabric beret, newsboy or cloche. Once comfortable, then let’s move on to another style that has a bit more presence.”

– Paula Singleton

And how right Paula is! This grey fabric beret fits within my comfort zone of colours… or lack there of. Yet it’s bold enough in it’s creativity to make my outfit standout.

Paula’s excitement for hats can be seen within the creativity portrayed in her designs. These hats say, “here I am!” I wondered before trying out these hats with an outfit, how do I wear it? 

My hope was to display my hat as a focal point. I felt tempted to wear a very plain outfit in order to not overwhelm those that see me.

And yet I also wondered where would be the ideal place to wear such a creative statement piece. I took this question to Paula for some direction.

“I get this question all the time and my answer is to just put on the hat and go! 

One does not need an occasion to wear a hat. Throw on a beret or newsboy with jeans and a tee and you have an outfit. Bad hair day? A hat is the perfect solution…as bad as you think you look, people will say, “What a cute hat!” 

Of course some settings are unique like the Kentucky Derby, where the outfit’s statement piece is a fabulous hat. 

But really, a hat and a shawl, leggings and boots…that’s an outfit that people will notice.”

– Paula Singleton

There’s so much truth to this! Any outfit can be properly matched with a hat. This I proved with my choice of outfit for an afternoon birthday party at our friends’ house.

While there displaying my hat to everyone, I realized these are fashion styles that change the atmosphere in a room. The equivalent of a bright yellow sun peaking through a grey cloud covered sky, (or outfit in my case). 

“One of the funniest things about starting to wear hats is that people will smile at you. I think, “Do I know that person?” But then I remind myself that no, it’s the hat! 

People may say they can’t wear hats (which isn’t true; there’s a hat for every head) but they love seeing others wear them.”

– Paula Singleton 

There is a hat for every head! How exciting that is to know there is a fashion piece out there waiting for you and only you?!

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