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Finally I Can Be A Mom NOT The Maid – Scrubbi Home Cleaning

Finally I Can Be A Mom NOT The Maid – Scrubbi Home Cleaning

What timely service for the fact that two out of four members of our household had the flu! Thus a thorough disinfecting was very necessary.

In light of my husband staying home from work for two days and sleepless nights spent with the baby burning up, our home was trashed!

Funny enough we had tidied just a couple days before the cleaner came. We even laughed at the idea that they would be coming to see that we had done most of the work for them.

But our home looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in weeks. I felt sorry for our cleaner friend who maintained a smile on her face throughout this terrifying operation.

It should be noted that Scrubbi cleaners are not meant to touch any personal belongings. So for areas that need to be sanitized or vacuumed, personal items are required to be out of the way. 

However, our cleaner was so gracious in going the extra mile. She picked up toys and clothes. She moved faster than I could ever have, even after two cups of coffee. 

Our cleaner did the upstairs section first and we did our best to keep the kids downstairs with us. Our three year old of course couldn’t help herself in going over to say hello and offer to help. Oh what patience our cleaner showed her! 

The upstairs was completely cleaned in just under two hours. Upon entry we were met by an aroma that could only be compared to the entry of a spa resort. 

It didn’t smell like a chemical cleaner like that of a sanitized hospital. But a fresh aroma similar to essential oils! 

This was comforting for the fact that Scrubbi boasts the use of eco-friendly products. This is of course the safest products for use around small children. 

We put the kids down for naps while our cleaner took care of the downstairs area and we waited anxiously in our room. 

There was the sound of vacuuming and scrubbing with many quick movements. When we came downstairs at the end, I half expected to see a cleaning crew of elves racing out the back door. 

I would have to admit the thing that has left me star struck, is the base boards and top of the heaters. I don’t typically pay attention to the pile up of dust that develops on there. In fact I will wait till I absolutely can no longer take the sight of it, till I finally wipe it down. Some how these areas shined! 

The living room seems to draw in more light from outside with how clean the windows are! My television screen must have been quite dusty as well because it somehow looks brand new.

Having Scrubbi clean my home seems much like the equivalent of getting a home makeover! 

I had no idea the quality of our living space until every inch of it was cleaned. I definitely see the worth in hiring a cleaning company like Scrubbi to come in regularly. It is definitely worth it to put this into our monthly budget! “

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