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I feel like there’s a general idea everyone has of Valentine’s Day being all about flowers for the girl, chocolate for the girl and jewelry for… you guessed it, the girl!

But what about for the guy? Oh, then again I suppose after the guy spoils the girl then his gift is an evening of “getting lucky”.

Well I’ve been married almost seven years and I’ve found that my husband loves to be spoilt with presents just as much as I do. And for the perfect gift idea, I want to give him something he loves that will surprise him.

Now please allow me to have a moment of stepping outside of the “milineal/hipster” pop culture of our generation in saying, I don’t like beards. I can’t help it. I’m old fashioned. I swear to you, my heart belongs to the 1920’s era where the average sophisticated man was clean shaven.

Since meeting my husband and falling in love, his goal has been to change my mind. As a gift to me, every year on my birthday and for Mother’s Day he would shave his beard to show me love.

So what ought I do then to show him love on Valentine’s Day? I will show love… to my man’s beard. I connected with Beardsley & Co. to get my husband the ultimate beard grooming kit to satisfy his beard indulgence.

Now to all my ladies that like their men clean shaven… this just might change your mind. May I just take a TMI moment here in saying, the smell of my husband’s beard after he groomed it made him the luckiest man alive.

The first thing about this grooming kit that I love is that it stops my husband’s beard from looking all scraggly and untamed. And my man is married now so he needs to look tamed.

The second thing is the texture. The lotions and oils made his beard completely irresistible to touch.

And finally that smell!… I should probably stop there, I’m getting all worked up. But oh gosh, that smell is intoxicating! It’s like aftershave but without the shave.

And a bonus feature that I didn’t expect is the confidence my husband now has knowing that his beard actually looks attractive to me. I honestly can’t believe that I’m saying it. But it’s sexy!

Ladies, forget your man for a moment. I know this post is about showing love to your man. But now I’m going to say, do yourself a favour and get your man a beard grooming kit. You will not regret it!


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