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Is This What Routine Feels Like… It’s Magical

Is This What Routine Feels Like… It’s Magical

I sit here surrounded by quiet with the faintest sound of the washer and dishwasher swishing and swashing as though singing a sweet lullaby… like a relaxing sound of white noise. I am at peace. I am enjoying a beautifully made bowl of yogurt with fruit and granola. That’s right, I actually had the time and patience to set up this cliche millennial picturesque, hipster style bamboo bowl snack! And I can’t believe I’m going to say this but, (knock on wood), both my children are napping… AT THE SAME TIME!

Just take a moment and soak in those last words with me. Do you feel it? Yeah… I know you do. Now I’d love to lay down what our schedule has looked like today:

5:45am – Hubs wakes up for work and just as he gets out of bed Izabella (the 8 month old) starts crying. Hubs grabs her for me to feed her in bed and only minutes later Esperanza (the 3 year old) is awake. She asks for an early breakfast and Jesiah takes her downstairs to have a meal together.

6:15am – Hubs is off to work and Esperanza finds her way back to my room. I offer she jump into bed with me, (I never do this because she usually starts to poke at my face). Some how I managed to fall back to sleep while she talked to herself… (or maybe she was talking to me hehe).

7:30am – I ask Esperanza to go read a book in her room while Izabella and I continue to rest.

9:30am – Esperanza returns to my room and asks for a banana. Because I no longer trust her in the kitchen by herself I take that as my cue to get everyone up and downstairs.

9:40 – Both kids are sitting down stairs watching television and eating while I have my coffee and read my bible. Not gonna lie, in this moment I was dreading how the day would continue… I was scared.

10:30am – Esperanza asks for an early lunch. So I get to the kitchen and turn on the oven. While it’s preheating I load the dishwasher.

11am – I’ve managed to complete my task of loading the dishwasher and cleaning the counter top. Lunch is now ready, (Cauliflower Veggie Tots by Green Giant) and I get both kids’ plates made and we all sit together to eat.

11:40am – I get a fun bubble bath ready for the girls in the kitchen sink. (Because I was in no mood to crouch down at the tub). And they had so much fun and splashed water every where. I actually enjoyed it even though the floor and counter top had water all of over it.

12:30pm – The girls and my kitchen are now dry. I get everyone dressed and take them upstairs for a nap. My daughter asks if she could sit by herself for a while instead of going to bed right away and I say it’s fine because Izabella is crying herself to sleep anyway (yes this is normal).

1pm – My daughter is now in bed with her sister and this was almost two hours ago and it’s been dead silent. Assuming they haven’t killed each other… I think I just had a morning routine that WORKED!

Now in the midst of this routine Esperanza had one time out, two stars placed on her star board, the choice of a toy from her playroom and then the return of that toy to the playroom (she did something bad right away).

So there were small interruptions of our routine but I think the difference in this morning was that I didn’t let those interruptions take longer than a commercial break. I didn’t let Esperanza’s bad decisions ruin my mood or turn our schedule upside down. We dealt with the issues quickly so we could get back to our morning.

Now I have two choices: I can do chores or I can rest and relax… I think I deserve this one.

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