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I Had No Idea, Mommy and Daddy Need A “Strict” Routine Too

I Had No Idea, Mommy and Daddy Need A “Strict” Routine Too

Yesterday was… interesting and today is a new day.

Last night Jesiah and I actually realized we need a “strict” routine just as much as the kids do… maybe even more. We found this out in the midst of an argument that popped up out of the blue.

I was mentioning to Jesiah how hard it is on me when he wants to spend time alone recording music in his Jam Space. Lately it’s been feeling like he’s picking the most inconvenient times to record. Like Friday night for example, I went to bed after we got the kids down for the night and I expected he was right behind me on his way up.

So I lay in bed waiting and suddenly it was almost 1am and he wasn’t there. So like any natural millennial wife would do, I called his cell phone. I called three times before an irritated Jesiah answered the phone. He was in the middle of recording a song and I had interrupted. I insisted he come to bed because I was not in the mood to be the only parent awake enough to deal with the kids the next day.

So of course a conversation had to happen about all of this the next day. And when it did, it turned into a big argument. Just as I started to get the feeling that I was winning the argument, I got hit with a message that could only have come from God himself.

Jesiah was in great need of a routine schedule for focused time on his music. He felt like he was constantly having to put everything else first and then sneak away like a bandit into his Jam Space before anyone could stop him.

Playing his instruments is something that energizes him and makes him feel happier. Taking that away from him, I imagine, is the equivalent of taking away my morning coffee… Oh man, so we need to fix this immediately!

I caught myself before I was too far gone in winning this argument and I apologized for not prioritizing his “me time”. I asked him what practical amount of time would be ideal for him to work on his music. And he offered that we schedule one evening a week where the moment he walks through the door from work, he goes straight to his Jam Space and works on his music till 7pm.

That’s only two hours! That’s all he wants on one weekday during the week. Two hours undisturbed. So I offered he takes two evenings during the week and other than that just check in with me at any other time that he wants to go to his Jam Space.

This is just to make sure I don’t need his help with the kids or I wasn’t hoping for some family time together. He can even simply be willing to take one of the kids to his Jam Space with him so I can get a little bit of a break myself.

For all I know this new routine will make our family more productive with our time. l’ll keep you posted on the outcome. Now my husband would appreciate if I let you know, his Instagram and Soundcloud tag is Jammin’ Jesiah in case you’d like to check out his music.

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  • Hey Chanelle,

    Thanks for the heads up about your blog. This is the first post I’ve read, and I enjoyed it! I appreciate you being so real and honest, because let’s be real, our lives and marriages are not as picture perfect as we like to make them appear! You guys are awesome. I hope we’ll get to see you guys sometime soon-ish!

    Love you guys.


    • Thanks Rob! I so appreciate your support and encouragement ? we definitely need to plan to see you guys soon ?

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