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Why yes this is my hair… I did buy it after all

Why yes this is my hair… I did buy it after all

Are we there in our relationship yet?… I think we are. So remember that time you saw me with short hair one week and then the next week it was longer… like a lot longer. And you thought my hair suddenly grew. Well it didn’t. I mean someone else probably grew it but not me. I just bought it… you see, I wear a wig. I know it looks super real doesn’t it? That’s why lace front is my best friend!… What’s lace front? Oh boy… we have a lot to talk about.

So where did this all start? And why wigs? I’ve been asked this question before and like most girls like me that wear a wig, I was completely offended. Why is that your business? Why are you making it sound like there’s something wrong with me wearing a wig? Why don’t you wear wig?

Haha, luckily I’ve done some growing up since then and have come to terms with the fact that people are really just curious. So in an effort to bring this “blogger-blog reader” relationship to the next level… I’m willing to share my story. And this is likely not the same reason why other girls like me wear wigs, so don’t make assumptions towards those other girls.

It started in grade 7. My sister found out she had a hair loss condition called alopecia and her hair fell out at a rapid rate. In an effort to give my sister a normal upbringing my mom bought her a wig. And she looked absolutely stunning in it. At school, dark skinned girls like us noticed her hair and loved it. She was honest with them when they’d ask how she got it to look so good and a trend started. Almost every dark skinned girl in our school started wearing wigs and I jumped on the bandwagon.

Now this still doesn’t completely clarify my choice in wearing a wig when I didn’t have to. Why was I so quick to hide my natural hair? Now you first need to understand that I truly believe my hair was not made for the cold Canadian climate. In the winter it took a lot of hair product and hard work keeping it in braided hairstyles to maintain it’s healthy appearance.

There was once a time I wore my natural hair in an afro when the weather was warming up. At school everyone including teachers couldn’t help but touch it. It was the most frustrating thing! Can you imagine feeling someone constantly violate your personal space because they are curious about what your hair feels like? I mean I don’t have straight hair but you don’t see me running my hands through every straight haired person’s head.

In a matter of weeks my hair began to decrease in length. Everyone at school made comments like, “oh you cut your hair!” and I would snap back, “no it’s breaking up because people keep touching it!”. You see when people would touch it constantly they would take the moisturizer out of it and this would dry it out, causing it to break. Soon after this I had to stop wearing my hair in an afro and put it in braids.

Wearing a wig is easier because it shields my natural hair from the cold weather breaking it. Of course, as you’ve probably noticed, I currently have a shaved head. It turns out I have a slight case of alopecia as well. It first showed up after I got married. It was then that I decided to shave my head in order to help it grow in at an even length hoping this would hide the bald spots in my head.

After my first time shaving my head, I fell in love with the low maintenance of having a bald head. At this time I was living in Australia with my husband as an international student. We were on a tight budget and Australia didn’t have a lot of products for my hair. So when I did need a hair moisturizer, I had to get it shipped in from North America which was very pricey.

My husband loved the look my bald head gave me. He is actually not a fan of my wigs. He’s admitted, though he thinks I look great in them, he hates the feeling of it when he gets close to me. He does however understand the comfort it brings me to wear wigs out of the house rather than a bald head.

I’m sure you’re also wondering why I don’t simply leave the house with a bald head. Well firstly a wig keeps my head quite warm in this cold Canadian climate. Secondly, I believe wearing a bald head actually draws a lot of attention. And for those who have met me in person, they all know I do not need to draw any more attention to myself than I already do. (I have a loud personality).

So I wear a wig for comfort. I wear it for the sake of fashion. I consider it an accessory much like wearing jewelry or a nice scarf. I’m not embarrassed of my natural look any more than the average girl is embarrassed to leave the house not wearing makeup. In fact while hanging out with close friends in the comfort of my own home I will go without wearing my wig.

The reason I show off my bald head on social media is firstly because there would be no photos of me at home if I insisted on only posting photos of myself in a wig. Also, I’m proud of the fact that my husband loves my natural look more than my made up look. I believe every husband should love their wives in their natural state and I pray they all do. I also believe every woman should look for a man that appreciates their natural beauty.

My desire is to encourage everyone to find the beauty in their natural state.

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