I’m Kelly, 27 and a single mum to 20 month old little girl and 20 weeks pregnant with a little boy due in November! At the moment I have a basic admin job working just under full time hours but I intend to start working on my counselling degree in September this year.

We currently live in Bury, England but I have spent a few years living in Winnipeg in Canada.

The only way to describe my parenting style is, absolutely winging it. Not because I’m a laid back luke but because my daughter is beyond feral. If there’s one child that always looks like she’s been dragged through a hedge it’s mine!

To be honest I really struggled to adjust at first as she was a very difficult baby, always cried, never slept and doing it completely alone nearly broke me. We still struggle now some days as she is a right handful but she’s my absolute best mate.

Although I’m very lax with the ‘rules’ (co-slept, weaned early, you know the ones) I am quite strict when it comes to interaction and activities. I hate screen time but she does get my phone for 30 mins in a morning to watch some cartoons whilst I adjust to being awake. When it comes to play I’m all for educational toys, we’re always going through our colours and counting etc. Being outside and getting muddy is also very much encouraged!

We like to take each day as it comes but I think it’s very important to teach children how to communicate their needs and nurture them to suit your individual child. They don’t all fit the mould.

I don’t view myself as a typical perfect mum and it so refreshing to find a space like this.

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