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Support a Small Business & Look Good, Too! Water’s Edge Clothing

Support a Small Business & Look Good, Too! Water’s Edge Clothing


Since Covid-19, I have noticed a great change in people’s attitudes. Before the pandemic started, it seemed everyone was for themselves. Most of us didn’t go out of our way to smile at a stranger or help someone if we saw them struggling.

Now that we’re being slowly released back into the world, we aren’t taking each other for granted. We say “hi” to people as we pass them, we come together in times of need, and most importantly we see the importance of supporting each other.

This includes supporting small businesses, which could not be more vital right now. An amazing one we’ve chosen to highlight is Water’s Edge Clothing. Based in Victoria, B.C, this “screen printed clothing” business specializes in creating high quality graphic tshirts, tank tops and sweaters.

Each design is created and screen printed by Ashley, the creator of Water’s Edge. There are lots of designs that will step up your outfit game, empower you or just simply make you laugh.

As a minimalist and mom myself, I love how versatile the shirts are! You could wear them to the beach, out for dinner, around the house or even to bed. If you’re like me and have a capsule wardrobe, Water’s Edge has the perfect additions for you!

My go to outfit for the summer is always a t-shirt and shorts. However, sometimes I want to wear something that isn’t a boring plain shirt. Graphic tee’s to the rescue! My favourite quote design says “I pair well with wine”, because let’s be honest, I’m a better mom after a glass of wine! Another one that made me smile was one that said “my thighs touch because they love each other”.

If you have questions or want to create your own design, Ashley is quick to answer emails and really cares to make sure you have everything you need. Her customer service is on point, and you won’t regret supporting her business!

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