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Jack59 Shampoo & Conditioner Bars – Good for the Environment, Even Better For You

Jack59 Shampoo & Conditioner Bars – Good for the Environment, Even Better For You

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For those of us of African descent we have to be so careful with our hair. It’s so easily damaged and sensitive to products that work perfectly for other ethnicities. 

Energize moisturizing shampoo bar with grapefruit and lime essential oils

I recently received Jack59 Energize shampoo bar. Ideally suited for processed and dry hair. It contains argan oil in both the shampoo and conditioner and it contains grapefruit and lime essential oils. 

Since dying my hair four months ago, it has been very dry and brittle. I’ve literally stopped shampooing and only conditioned- in fear of it falling out. With having chemically straightened my hair as well, I would rather not subject it to more chemical treatment within shampoos suitable for colored hair.

Firstly I love the fact that this shampoo is in a bar. For those of us with thick, curly hair we know to go straight to the scalp when shampooing and try to keep from getting shampoo throughout the hair. 

Using a bar helps get the shampoo directly on to my scalp. And for the amount that gets into my hair, it is gentle enough to not dry it out. 

The smell of the shampoo bar is so yummy. Usually natural products made with essential oils seem to have a spicy smell in my experience. But this shampoo bar smells warm and sweet. Kind of like a vanilla candle. 

It left my scalp soothed and that yummy smell of grapefruit lingered all day. It’s been five days since washing my hair (those with hair like mine need to go 2 weeks to a month in between washes), and it’s not as dry as it usually is. 

Typically my hair would dry out and no amount of leave in conditioner would hold to it. But it has been soft and manageable. Not looking crunchy or feeling brittle. 

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For my part of the product review for Jack59, I received the Blonde Bombshell shampoo and conditioner bars. Not only can you shop by hair type, but Jack59 also has sulfate free shampoo bars that are pH balanced and 100% vegan. They also have gluten free options!

I was nervous at first to try the bars. I have never even heard of such a product existing before this and now I’m supposed to use it?!? Thankfully, Jack59 has a page dedicated to explaining how to use the bars properly. Once I got the shampoo lathering, I could fee a difference- my hair no longer felt greasy and limp, and I could see a bit of the violet toner that was in it. The conditioning properties of the argan oil was very evident throughout.

Since I usually let my hair air dry, I was able to see the full effect of the product on my hair. My fading purple dye and blonde hair was a nice cool blonde with very little brassiness; my usually frizzy mess was calmed and more noticeably curly; even my hair itself was so soft to the touch! I just can’t wait to keep using it when I get the chance to shower!

Jack59 has a wide variety of product for every single type of hair, including children’s hair. Not only are their products good for the environment with their plastic free options, but they’re even better for you!

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I have never been one to really pay attention to what I am putting on my body. Generally I head to the grocery store or pharmacy  and purchase whatever shampoo or conditioner that is on sale and has a nice smell.

As I get older, and more conscious of my body’s needs and the environment I have been trying to use more natural products. For the past week I have been using Jack59’s Restore Shampoo and Conditioner Bars. Jack59’s products are all natural and vegan and do not use any plastic products in their packaging. So, not only are they great for your hair, they are also good for the environment.

What piqued my interest in the Restore Shampoo and Conditioner Bars was the green tea extract to “promote hair growth and reduce hair fall” and allantoin for scalp care. It seems as I get older the more hair I find at the bottom of the tub after my shower, so maybe this can help. My scalp also gets irritated due to psoriasis so I am hoping this product will help provide some relief. 

I was so excited when the shampoo and conditioner arrived in the mail. I could immediately smell them in my mailbox. The scent is beautiful and not at all overpowering and even Zoe loved it. The packaging was simple yet elegant and definitely environmentally conscious.

Now, I have tried different shampoo bars in the past and always struggled getting a good lather, and I love a lathery shampoo. The Restore shampoo lathers up quite nicely and feels amazing in my hair. As I washed my hair, the scent of the shampoo filled my shower and just added an extra luxurious element to my experience. The shampoo rinses out nicely and leaves my hair feeling nice and clean.

Jack59 Shampoo and Conditioner bars will last approximately 80 washes which is amazing for a bar that takes up very little space in the shower. Make sure to check out their website to find a shampoo and conditioner set that suits your needs!

The conditioner bar (marked with a C so you know which is which) was silky smooth and left my hair feeling amazing after my shower.

Now, never to be left out Zoe was pumped to give the new shampoo and conditioner a go in her morning bath. Again, it was easy to get the shampoo to lather in her hair and it rinsed out nicely and didn’t irritate her eyes which can be an issue. She loved the conditioner and how soft it left her hair. The best part though, the after bath hair brush! We were able to brush her tangle free hair with ease, no tears people!

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I’m always looking for a shampoo and conditioner that moisturize my thick, curly hair, are affordable, and are minimally packaged. My search may be over with Jack59! I love that they use natural ingredients, are plastic free, and are made in Canada. 

I have the Citrus Shine shampoo and conditioner bars, made for curly or thick hair. My first impression was that they are minimally packaged, and smell great! They look just like the pictures on their website, and will be easy to tell apart even after the C washes off the conditioner bar. 

I have used the Citrus Shine shampoo and conditioner bars a few times, and am consistently happy with the results. The shampoo bar lathers easily, so you don’t need to work hard to get enough on your hands. It left my hair feeling clean, but not dry. The conditioner bar is more difficult to lather – I think partly because the edges are more defined – but it gets the job done. It left my hair feeling fairly moisturized for a couple of days post wash, but the results did not last as long as I would like since I normally wash my hair every 3-5 days. I don’t think of my hair as especially dry, but I wonder if the Energize shampoo and conditioner bars would give my hair that bit of extra moisture that was missing.

All in all I’m happy with my Jack59 shampoo and conditioner bars. With an ingredients list I can understand, minimal packaging, and affordable prices, I’ll be telling my friends!

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