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Capturing the Essence of Stunning Locations Into Jewelry – Jillian Leigh Jewelry

Capturing the Essence of Stunning Locations Into Jewelry – Jillian Leigh Jewelry

What if you could take the latest trends, then find a city, country or town you absolutely adore and in drawing inspiration from this, create a piece of jewelry?

It’s more of an artistic journey than the conventional jewelry design process and it is achieved by Jillian Leigh Jewelry.  

Sitting among the Inspired Collections is the Croatia Collection. While it is inspired by the rich colours of Croatia, it’s summery culture and vibe are captured through warm tones and pink hues with asymmetrical designs. This collection is modern, carefree and compelling.

Jillian Leigh Jewelry was born from the creative partnership of two friends working in the fashion industry who shared similar experiences with complimentary skills. 

Working side by side in the office forged a good synergy; they finish each others sentences and have semi-telekinetic conversations.

Each handmade piece is inspired by Jillian’s personal style, passion for adventure, and global fashion trends.  Minimalist, trendy and versatile jewelry you can wear every day.  

“We believe jewelry needs to be as unique and authentic as you are.

We believe in supporting small businesses, and using the highest quality materials and stones to make our jewelry. We carefully curate our materials from other small businesses all over Canada and in the United States. Everything from the 14kt gold findings & chain to our gemstones. Each piece is made to order and handcrafted in our Winnipeg studio.”

For the month of May Jillian Leigh Jewelry will be running a special promotion.  

Spend $99+ & get a $25 Gift Card.

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