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7 Creative Ways to Break Your Child’s Gadget Addiction – By Guest Blogger, Peter

7 Creative Ways to Break Your Child’s Gadget Addiction – By Guest Blogger, Peter

It may be hard to separate your kids and gadgets, but it is a task that is necessary.

Nowadays, kids have become more habitual in playing with gadgets rather than playing outside. They are addicted to mobile games, television, and video games to the extent that it is harmful to their mental and physical development. If this is the same for your kids, this must be a matter of deep concern for you. 

So, you ask yourself, “Should I do something about this?” Definitely! Gadgets may be exciting for your kids, but they can be very addictive. They may be the cause of an unfavorable effect on their mental and physical well-being. Breaking this addiction can be challenging, especially if your kids have not yet discovered the joy of going outside to play and explore. 

Playing outside is highly recommended for children because it provides them with healthy physical activity. It also offers the opportunity to develop and apply creative ability and teaches them how to play in groups and share with their playmates. 

Like adults, children are fascinated by electronic devices and the tendency to live a digital life. If you are wondering how to make your children want to give up devices and go out to have some fun and fresh air in nature, you are in the right place. 

Let’s look at seven creative ways through which you can get rid of your child’s gadget addiction:

1. Be a good example

Children learn by following your footsteps, so if you want to pick up healthy habits, you need to have them yourself first. Practice staying away from your laptop, tablet, and mobile phone for at least a few hours every day. Indulge in other hobbies and entertainment categories. Most importantly, spend quality time with your kids and family. 

2. Keep the gadgets away 

Place the devices and gadgets in a way in which they are not accessible for your kids at will. Make sure that you know when your kids are using a device, and what exactly they are doing on it so that you can keep them away from addictive, non-productive activities. 

3. Alter the routine

Schedule the daily routine in a way that the screen time does not coincide with your kids’ free time. Make sure that your kids are involved in activities that need them to put the gadgets away. 

4. Utilize activity-based learning

Kids are attracted to gadgets when they get bored with their toys and are looking for new entertainment and fun. To fill this purpose while eliminating the need for gadgets, you can get them a monthly subscription of activity boxes. These will not only help them learn new skills and concepts but also won’t lose their charm because of the new challenges that they will offer every month. 

5. Avoid using too much of digital learning

Yes, videos are a great way to make your children learn, and you may use it sometimes. However, if you make a regular habit of this learning method, you may be fueling your children’s addiction. Remember, your children need to become interested in different ways of learning. Also, those kids who are exposed to learning through videos at a young age often find reading and writing difficult. 

6. Encourage outdoor activities

Outdoors activities are not just healthy, but they also will help your kids learn how to play with other kids. They are also a great way to develop gross motor skills. 

7. Pretend play is a good idea

This is one of the most effective ways to teach and enjoy with small kids. You can create your own games by enacting favorite characters to entertain your kids and spend fun time with your kids while playing them. This is a win-win situation for everybody!

So, make use of these tips and help your kids break away from gadgets and instead spend time with family, pets, and nature so that they grow up into healthy and happy individuals!

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