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Sleep Smug was nominated for and won the “Best Sleep Masks” award by hip & healthy. They love sleep and create really nice products to help you relax and refresh, giving you the edge over everyday life.

Maturing Mama blogger Kelly had the opportunity to try out several Sleep Smug products. 

“The first thing that really stood out to me about my products from Sleep Smug was the packaging, so elegant and clean. Looking at the box literally gave me butterflies in anticipation as to what I would find inside.

I was not disappointed. 2 sleep masks, ear plugs, real nice camomile tea, and a stunning blue purse to hold it all in.

Sleep masks have always been something I stayed away from as they irritated my eyes. But Sleep Smug’s contoured mask was amazing! 

My 3 year old did think it was a mini bra so that was funny… 

It is a gorgeous soft blue with pale pink flowers. Not too girly but again, really elegant. The way this mask is built makes it so the actual shades that go over your eyes are lifted upward so they make no contact with your eyes. Meaning, as the packaging says, they are LASH FRIENDLY! 

I’m the kind of girl that will try to make a pair of stick-on lashes last a full week. This mask is perfect for not interfering with that! 

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I also received a second mask which was a beautiful rose gold silky type material. Both are so beautiful and comfortable.

The ear plugs were the most comfortable ear plugs I have ever put near my ears. They are a gorgeous dark pink foam material that fits perfectly into the contours of my ears. I couldn’t however test them overnight for noise reduction as I was much too worried I would not wake for the baby! 

If anyone is after a sleep set I would highly recommend the Snug sleep set!”

For all your sleeping needs head over to: Sleep Smug, and use code MAMA20 for a 20% discount!

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