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The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

Life: What it comes down to…

If I don’t have faith in general… There’s no point in life. And if I don’t have faith in people? Well, I DO have faith in people. I have faith my husband will not murder me as I sleep. I have faith he will not murder the kids as I sleep. So… I sleep.

I have faith my kids will stay in their rooms at night, so I sleep. I have faith no one will find a way into our house, so I sleep.

I have faith while on a plane that the pilot knows what he’s doing… So I sleep. While sitting in my house alone, I have faith it will not collapse in on me, so I don’t leave.

If I can have faith that my microwave won’t blow up after I hit start. If I have faith that when I meet privately with my doctor he will respect my body… Then how is it possible I cannot have faith in God?

I don’t know everyone’s thoughts. I don’t know their motives. And I DO know that there are bad people in this world. I know that I love others and when I hate someone I try my best to still wish them well.

I know that what I want most in this world is for everyone to love each other and take care of one another. I know that I was made by a magnificent God that put me together perfectly. So perfectly that I don’t have to remind my heart to keep beating. I don’t have to remind my organs of their function. I don’t have to keep track of how much oxygen is getting through my nostrills and fear it may not be enough.

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God put each piece of me together perfectly, like the person that put together my phone, television, house- they put it together with one great intention… To take care of me the best they could.

God put me together and He did so in His likeness. So knowing that my greatest desire is to be with others living a life of joy and love- my creator intended this desire.

I desire to not just live but live with a purpose. I desire to enjoy each passing moment and to make certain everyone else is as well. I desire to live in the moment and I desire the moment to last forever… So surely my creator desired this for me, that He put this desire inside of me.

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