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Huuud Apparel

Huuud Apparel

My mom has always had a saying, “Our people came from the fields… Why would we want to go back there on holiday?”

You see we’re slave descendants from Trinidad… Enough said. 

But after moving to Canada and becoming friends with Aboriginal and European Canadians, I learned to adapt to their ways of “having fun”.

I don’t think I have ever or will ever love camping. But I do appreciate it. I appreciate the time spent out of cell service. I appreciate the sound and sight of nature. Especially after spending so much time looking at screens. 

I appreciate the way time slows down. The way we don’t go according to a schedule but simply take life moment by moment. 

Now that I’ve married my husband, (the ultimate wilderness junkie), I’ve had to train myself to embrace the outdoors that much more. It’s definitely far from easy. Especially when we have the kids along side us for the ride. 

But I definitely appreciate taking a moment to see the world through my husband’s eyes and do life his way. He especially appreciates when we twin out in using the same gear. 

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Huuud Apparel has unisex hoods that can attach to anything with straps, including your everyday use backpack. For the convenience of always having a warm and dry head. 

While canoeing to our camping location, I found myself burning up and yet the wind was still cold on my head. Problem solved, I attached Huuud to my sportsbra. 

For extra warmth while wearing a light hoodie, I attached the Huuud by pushing the straps into my sleeves. 

Nothing beats the comfort of an extra hood. I love the versatility and practicality of it. You can take it anywhere! CLICK HERE to shop and use discount code MaturingMama25 to receive 25% off till July 7th!

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