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Nursery Modern Minimalist Touch – GPrez Designs

Nursery Modern Minimalist Touch – GPrez Designs

Interior decor for children’s rooms are becoming classier with similarities to today’s modern interior design within main living spaces. Overwhelming prints of numerous clowns on the walls will no longer cut it for this new generation of kids.

Children’s bedrooms and play rooms now embrace the minimalist style of decor with sophistication in it’s art work.
To find pieces of art with an expression of creativity that embraces the minimalist touch I looked to GPrez Designs, by Gloria Prez.

GPrez Designs feature artistic displays with vivid colour, bringing inspiration to the imagination! With today’s current trend of unicorns I had to get my hands on this three piece set for my baby girl’s room.

It’s arrangement is calming yet intriguing. I imagine this will suit well for restless nap times when my baby needs a calm environment.

Encouraging words on each photo stage an ambiance of positivity. These artistic pieces are nothing short of innovative and a must have for every modern child’s room.

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