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Finding Yourself Through Art – Diverse Designs

Finding Yourself Through Art – Diverse Designs

 “I started working on my business full time because creating makes me happy. It’s what I love to do! What I need to do…”
– Melissa

Sadly the enjoyment of art expressed through individuality has been lost by what is mainstream and popular. What one celebrity artist has decided is trendy is what others want to copy. 

My heart breaks at the thought of someone simply doing what is expected rather than expressing their individuality within their appearance. 

Diverse Designs is just that. A jewelry & accessory store devoted to providing quality pieces that celebrates diversity. Owned by Melissa from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“I try to keep in mind that everyone has their own style. Just because I find a piece that catches my eye, doesn’t mean everyone else will feel the same way about it. So I try to create a variety of items in many forms, colors, shapes, sizes and styles.”


This truly speaks to the fact that there are no two people exactly alike in this world. I myself being an identical twin can attest to this. 

My twin sister and I are told by many that they do not see us as the same person because we express ourselves very differently. This is especially seen through the way we present our personalities within our style of clothing. 

It is very audacious of Melissa to take this bold step in her style of jewelry. And through her creative expression, customers are then encouraged to find pieces that inspire what they feel inside.

“Every sale I make inspires and motivates me to continute creating. It makes me think “Wow, someone liked my product enough to support me!” Not only that, but with so many other people who sell jewellery and metal stamping products, it’s an honor for someone to choose my product over someone elses. If it weren’t for those people, I wouldn’t have been able to take a risk to run my business full time. I’d still be at my office day job dreaming of all the things I could create but never having enough time to do so”


What inspires me most about handmade jewelry is the focus and time that has been put into a piece. Wearing a piece of jewelry that was created with difficulty and intent makes it then the equivalent of wearing a trophy or medal. 

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“My favorite type of jewellery would have to be chain maille. I find it to be the most challenging but also the most rewarding. Sometimes I can look at a picture of a chain maille weave and figure it out all on my own right away. Other times, I can look at pictures, watch videos and tutorials, yet it still takes me hours or even weeks to figure it out.”


With so much thought and creativity put into each piece I asked Melissa what the overall feeling is that she wants her customers to have when wearing her pieces.

“I want them to feel unique. Some of my pieces are one of a kind, others I may make again. Either way, my pieces are handmade, not mass produced, so even if I sold 10, that’s only 10 out there in the world. If they are giving one of my items as a gift, I want it to be something they are proud to give away”


Supporting small hand-made businesses inspires others to display their individuality in what they wear. Have you found your unique style within a piece of jewelry? 

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