Hi, my name is Sharon and I am a busy Mum of two beautiful children- Joshua currently 18 months and Nevaeh currently 5 months. We live in Victoria Australia Before becoming a Mum, I worked as an early childhood educator.

The introduction to parenthood for my husband and I was quite a challenging one. At 23 weeks gestation, we found out that our beautiful baby boy had a very serious form of Congenital Heart Disease known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome as well as Unbalanced AVSD and Aortic Valve Atresia. In terms we can all understand, it meant that the left side of his heart had not developed properly and he faced quite a fight once he was born and spent his first 4 months in hospital undergoing two open heart surgeries and 4 other procedures. I’m happy to report that he is currently doing as well as he can and I look forward to sharing more about his journey specifically in my blogs.

We welcomed our beautiful baby girl in February this year (2020) sooner than we anticipated having another, but she has brought so much joy (which is actually her middle name) and is a happy healthy bubba; So here we are parenting two under two.

It’s hard to describe my parenting style as such, but I think I would say that I take a nurturing flexible approach. I find balance in the day with interaction that is full of learning opportunities, rest and lots and lots of cuddles. Both my children have developed quite a solid routine (Joshua sleeps better than Neveah, haha, but I definitely can’t complain!) Reflective of my career, I have developed my parenting techniques muchly from the knowledge I built from studying early childhood and working on the job. I like to use positive re-direction as much as possible, but like most people, yes I do get frustrated and have to think about the tone of voice.