Parenting Style: Dependence on God!

My name is Mirjam and together with my husband Emmanuel, we live in Germany with our disciples Josephine (5), Charlotte (3) and Elyon (4 months). I’m a social worker, and journaling has been my passion for many years. 

Since four years now, I have been blogging out my thoughts on www.me-in-progress.com.

Becoming a mom has been a wake up call for me; a sudden thing requiring my full act of obedience. Everyday, I am amazed and humbled to be considered a parent to these amazing beings when I know I have a lot to catch up with myself.

My upbringing was a traditional one but through my cross-cultural marriage with its many flavours and spices, we both team up to see that the Culture of the Kingdom (of God) remain our measurement. 

My mom style: gentle, determined and intentional. I work well with set goals and order while trying to be flexible. However, with more kids, more planning is required so I can keep my peace of mind and stay healthy. There is a lot I am understanding and still much more to learn, perhaps adjust to…with the help of God, afterall, Life is about progress, not perfection!