I’m Brittny, I’m 27 and a graphic designer. I live in B.C, Canada with my beautiful family. My husband Eseosa and I have 3 children, Paisley (4), Willow (2) and Joseph (often referred to as J) who was born in March 2020.

My parenting style has changed drastically with each child I have. I’ve always been an attachment parent (which means I believe that keeping our babies close- pretty much touching us at all times in their first year, is extremely important.) I do lots of baby wearing and contact napping.

With my first I did what I was told to do by the older generation. I never researched much and figured that it worked for them, it can work for me. Then I had my second baby and the world of “gentle parenting” was brought to my attention when she was 6 months old. It changed my life (and my kids’ lives).

Now with my 3rd just a couple weeks old I would describe myself as an attachment parent with gentle parenting qualities. Our whole family bedshares (yes that’s 5 people in a bed) every night, and its squishy! But we love it. We’re obsessed with Jesus, cloth diapers, baby led weaning and Montessori!

We’ve got 3 kids so far… let’s see if God gives us anymore!