I’m Jadine. An author and part of the core admin team for Maturing Mama. I am a 34 year old wife to Kevon and mother of five lovely children, Jada

(15), Joanna (9), Jonathan (4), Joelle and Joshua (1). I am a Jamaican.

Besides being a wife and mother, I have been a social worker, teacher, counselor, youth leader, and more recently, a customer service agent. I guess my business is people.

My husband and I were thrust into parenthood when we were just eighteen. It was difficult maneuvering the new world of parents when we were still so young. My parenting style switched between being permissive and a disciplinarian. I did what I could to get by.

Since then, I have grown and become more confident. Now I have more of an authoritative style of parenting. I am very nurturing while maintaining the appropriate boundaries for my children to thrive. I am their biggest cheerleader, while training them in the value systems that we have as parents.