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The Sometimes Vegan/Vegetarian/Carnivore Mama – The Very Good Butchers

The Sometimes Vegan/Vegetarian/Carnivore Mama – The Very Good Butchers

I became a “sometimes vegan” after having my first born Esperanza. This started with me buying a source of protein that was easy for her to eat without teeth. This was tofu. I would season pieces of tofu in curry powder and all spice. It smelt so good that Jesiah and I would end up eating it with her. 

It was then that I started researching other Vegan meals along with their health benefits. I discovered eating vegan and vegetarian meals are often healthier than it’s carnivorous alternative. Of course when choosing your vegan meals you still ought to check the nutritional aspects on the packaging. 

Jesiah and I love to eat the average greasy meal. But after both experiencing the hardships of postpartum weight loss, (it’s true men also gain unwanted calories while their wives are pregnant), we realized we have to save these meals solely for date nights. 

Meals that have especially gotten us into trouble have been hot dogs, tacos and burgers… So basically the type of quick meals you’d go to as an exhausted parent. 

I was over the moon when I found The Very Good Butcher! They have vegan alternatives to the average unhealthy quick-fix dinner. 

These vegan alternatives are as easy and quick to cook up on the grill or stove just as it’s meat alternative. The best part about these vegan products from The Very Good Butcher is that these are made by chefs that know how to get the right flavors into it’s product. 

The burgers are jam packed with flavor and yet filled with healthy grains and vegetables. The taco filling taste just like seasoned ground beef would! It’s astonishing. Only an experienced chef can crack the code to figuring out these flavors. 

You can now order vegan products like, ribs, pepperoni, sausages and much more, right from The Very Good Butchers website! CLICK HERE to shop and look out for a package Giveaway of their yummiest products.

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