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Bamboo Underwear, Where Comfort & Sustainability Collide

Bamboo Underwear, Where Comfort & Sustainability Collide

“Unity Underwear is made from 95% bamboo. Bamboo fabric has a luxuriously soft feel that is naturally hypoallergenic and quick drying. Bamboo will always outlast cotton in keeping shape, strength, and durability three times over when cared for properly.”

Here’s the thing about moms and underwear- we just want it to fit no matter the season. Whether we’re breastfeeding and our boobs are swollen with milk. Or we’re bloated. Or we’re going through our weight loss journey and our boobs are sagging. We just need underwear that can hold up to every season of motherhood.

We Mamas change bra sizes in a matter of days. I’m a completely different size when I’m ovulating/pmsing than on an average day. This season of motherhood for me has been a season where my body is pudgy. No matter the weight I’m losing I am still very squishy. Perhaps it’s just the new me and I need to be ok with that. My kids sure do love snuggling on my squishy bits.

My curves and size makes comfortable underwear tricky to find. I’m typically a size medium, but my pudgy bits can make that size pinch in unmentionable places. I’ve tried sizing up but then I lose the support of underwear. It almost feels like I’m going commando.

I found underwear that I can wear in my appropriate size without the pinching and chaffing. This is Unity Underwear. A brand of underwear for men and women that’s made of bamboo!

It’s the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn. The material is light and soft making it hug my pudge, not pinch it. The material is also breathable! Most of my bras are sports bras that are stiff and thick. They give me more support than the average bra but are often uncomfortable and hard to conceal under clothing.

Unity Underwear gives me support without feeling like my boobs are being strangled. I can literally work out in the Unity Underwear bra (much like my sports bras) and have my boobs sit comfortably.

The bottoms of Unity Underwear for women is a thong. Thongs and I usually have a love-hate relationship. I love the look of thongs. They sculp my bottom better than regular undies, plus you can literally wear them with anything. There’s the added feeling of sexiness when wearing a thong. I literally feel more like a woman.

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But thongs usually hurt me. People say a thong is supposed to feel invisible, however for me, it’s always at the forefront of my mind when I wear a thong. It just feels gross.

Now, since wearing Unity Underwear’s thong, I know a thong was meant to be in bamboo material. It’s hardly noticeable when I wear it. I would never work out in a thong but in Unity Underwear’s thong, I feel comfortable enough to work out, wear throughout my day while at home or running errands. I usually only wear thongs on a date with my husband. And I would refuse to wear them longer than a couple of hours.

Underwear is the one item we Mamas cannot go without. So our choice in underwear needs to be one that can hold up to the mom journey and Unity Underwear does just that. And they come in styles for men as well!

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