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Body Care to benefit Mental Care – Lapis Body Care

Body Care to benefit Mental Care – Lapis Body Care

“When we neglect ourselves physically, it can take a toll on our mental health as the two are closely linked.”

– Ivana Elzy, Lapis Body Care

My kids are now all out of the house on weekdays. I never thought this day would come.

It’s only been a few weeks now since this new season of having the house all to myself and at the start I was doing it all wrong.

As moms we tend to be on the go 24/7. Especially for me running Maturing Mama Magazine while taking care of the kids and our home, I was used to going none stop until I became depressed and suffered severe panic attacks.

During those first few weeks at home alone I kept this routine going and found that I was just as stressed out as I was when the kids were at home while I worked.

An older mom friend of mine who also runs her own business, gave me some wise words after hearing about how hectic things were for me. She said, “Always start the day with self care. Whether that’s taking time to pray, stretch, journal or shower.”

I had to admit, I wasn’t doing that at all. My day started with my alarm going off to get the kids ready for school. And the moment I picked up my phone to turn the alarm off, I would look at my emails and give quick replies while making breakfast and getting everyone dressed.

Self-care is a detrimental need for all Mamas and Lapis Body Care has made this the focus of her business with products that help Mamas to find a moment of calm to soothe their minds.

Here is founder Ivana Elzy to tell us more:

  1. What are detrimental aspects of self-care you believe are often disregarded by women (moms)?

I believe moms often disregard the self-care neglect affect. When we neglect ourselves physically, it can take a toll on our mental health as the two are closely linked. Disregarding the belief that our thoughts and feelings become our reality can be unpleasant for those around us. When we care for ourselves physically, we aren’t just nourishing our bodies, we are communicating to our minds and spirits that we are worthy of the happiness which comes from the self loving actions.

Lastly, I believe we’ve been overlooking the fact that self care doesn’t have to be a grand effort, it starts with small yet consistent steps. Often, when faced with issues, people try to self-medicate by sometimes doing things we shouldn’t do, when a relaxing bath can help ease the mind and do the trick.

Self care can lead to a better experience for everyone we interact with, especially our children. As a supermom, I understand that if I’m unhappy and not taking any steps to neutralize that energy, my child and those who spend enough time around me will experience the energy that I’m harboring.

  1. With the busy lifestyle of motherhood,
    what is that one self-care activity moms
    ought to prioritize daily?

Taking small breaks to breathe, stretch our minds and body for a check in is essential. Asking questions like “How am I feeling in this moment?” and “Is there anything that I need to be okay in this moment”, can lead to healthy moments of self realization. I also find that physical forms of therapy such as a quick yoga session or daily body stretches can be helpful as well (and yes a silly dance counts).

  1. What can customers expect from regular
    use of Lapis Body Care skin care products?

Simply put, it’s all in the slogan! Customers can expect the nourishing effect of “softness in a jar”. Customers can expect for their skin to look great, and feel better!

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In addition to this, customers can look forward to more self-care geared products like our Self-Care Journal which is now available for pre order.

  1. Can you recall the season in which Lapis
    Body Care
    was started?

Lapis Body Care started in early 2020, when I realized moms, other than myself, needed self care with convenience. More recently, with vast business closures, many of us struggled to get the spa time that we deserve as parents.

During this unprecedented period, professional self care practices were no longer available to consumers in many regions. We couldn’t allow moms, all types of moms, to feel as though they were forgotten and that’s when we opened to the public.

  1. What do you believe are the signs of a
    woman that truly embraces self-care in her
    day to day life?

She is exuberantly confident in every place she enters, and in the interactions she holds with others. A woman who nurtures herself displays a noticeable glow that cannot be denied, can you recall witnessing that? When the attention of a crowded room is stolen by the entrance of a woman before she speaks, is in fact a sign that not only does she know her power, she knows the power of self care as it relates to her worth.


Softness in a jar and self-care that loves you back is the core of Lapis Body Care. To shop go to: using discount code “MM10” for 10% off!

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