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Lux + Luca Jewelry Co. – Be bold. Be daring. Be you.

Lux + Luca Jewelry Co. – Be bold. Be daring. Be you.

My jewelry line was designed to inspire confidence and create empowerment in womxn. 

Lux + Luca‘s goal is not only to create real and relatable jewelry that is honest and bold, but to create an environment rooted in supporting one another, community over competition, and really celebrating what it is to identify as a womxn.

Womxn are dynamic, multifaceted beings. Whether you want to use the onion layers or the two sides to every coin metaphor; the point is that womxn can be many, many things all at the same time. We do not need to wrap our entire identity up in words like, “Mom, Wife, Teacher, Police Officer, Secretary. CEO, Doctor, etc.” We are both strength and grace, edgy and feminine, a leather jacket with high heels. I truly believe that your jewelry is a reflection of your inside on the outside, and I hope Lux + Luca Jewelry makes you feel sexy, confident, strong, and fearless. 

There are two components to the jewelry line: The first part is a stamped line that features edgy, snarky, hilarious, and relatable words and phrases that give people a real sense of authenticity when they wear them. Words like Slay, Hustle, Boss, Unstoppable, Powerful + Dangerous, and the most popular “F**k It” pieces, aren’t what people expect when they see beautiful 14k gold and sterling pieces. This part of the line is real life, real relatable, and they are made in a way that is subtle, versatile, gorgeous, and unapologetic. The second component of the line is my high-end statement pieces made from high-quality metals like 14k fill and Sterling Silver, paired with stunning semi-precious stones, and elevated minimalist-inspired designs. I love playing with geometric shapes and treating bright gold with oxidizers and fire. 

I use 14k gold Fill and Sterling Silver in most of my jewelry (I offer a base metal option for my cuffs). A very common misconception is that gold plate and gold-filled are created equal, and this is what I like to educate my customers on the most. Let’s start with gold plate. Plating means there is ONE layer of gold brushed onto a brass or copper core. This is why plated pieces turn green, rust, turn copper, are not safe in the water, and cost way less than higher-quality metals. You may think you’re getting a beautiful piece of jewelry at a smokin’ deal, but you will only be able to enjoy that new piece for a few weeks before it’s time to
toss it out. 

Invest in your jewelry and yourself, MAMA! 14k gold fill means that there are 14 LAYERS of real gold heat pressured on to a base metal core. Gold Fill jewelry never rusts, never tarnishes, requires zero care, is safe in the water, and is sweat-proof! It may cost twice the price of your dainty, plated, charm necklace, but you will never have to replace it. High-quality jewelry is an investment that will save you tons of money in the long run. Don’t use a band-aid when you need stitches. Gold Filled and Sterling Silver jewelry last a lifetime and can be handed down from generation to generation. 

14k Fill and Sterling Silver will hold up in salt water, too! Just be careful when you’re splashing in those waves as the sterling chain can be delicate. Hot springs will darken sterling silver, but don’t fret! This is not permanent and can easily be wiped away with a jewelry cloth or light grade steel wool. Please note that my cuff bracelets and money clips are made from base metals like Copper and Brass. I offer these pieces in a budget-friendly price range, but they are not safe in the water, can turn you green, and require jewelry cloths or steel wool to remove tarnish. If you would like to upgrade your cuff material to 14k or sterling silver, I do offer these variations. So go ahead, get wet, work up a sweat, and live your damn life.  

The purpose of Lux + Luca as a whole is to really convey the beauty in merging the masculine vs feminine, bold vs classic, elegance vs strength. I think there is something so beautiful in the colliding of these two worlds. My slogan, “We’re a little Joan Jett, a little Farrah Fawcett, and a lot of Badassery,” was meant to celebrate the beauty in this idea. Joan Jett, a woman in a boys’ club of rock and roll, wore leather jackets, black eyeliner, motorcycle boots, and grease. Farrah Fawcett: elegant, graceful, blonde, resembled lace, was the epitome of beauty and class. 

A big part of my brand is also the attitude behind the pieces. The message I want to portray is basically to live out loud. Be honest. Be real and live your life on your own terms. Be strong and support each other. Get up when you’re down, and be brave enough to make the changes you need to in order to get the most out of your life. It’s not always going to be love, grace, hope, faith, etc. Sometimes life looks like whiskey in your coffee, mid-am breakdowns, inconsolable babies, or fights with your spouse. I want my jewelry to be a reminder that you should feel your feelings when they come and make no apologies for your life. Slay. Badass. F**k Your Fears. Mother Hustler. Get It Girl. These are all powerful words that evoke strength, confidence, empowerment, fearlessness, and grace. Sometimes a “F**k It” ring is just what you need to get through a rough day. 

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When you buy a piece of Lux + Luca Jewelry, you immediately become part of a Girl Gang. A group of womxn all across the country who want to celebrate your individuality and empower you to crush your dreams while demanding honesty from themselves and others. It’s a very cool thing to help create an environment of acceptance, authenticity, and fearlessness through my jewelry. Womxn are badass beings and I will always work to magnify our voices with my creations. 

Investing in quality jewelry will save you time, money, stress, and inconvenience. It’s as simple as that. Not having to constantly polish your jewelry, replace your chains, or get the green off of your neck frees you up to be more present in the areas of your life you need to be. Your jewelry should enhance your life, not take away from it. You deserve nice things. You deserve to invest in yourself and feel sexy and confident. Why buy the same necklace three times for $21 when you could buy gold fill or sterling jewelry ONE TIME for $56? Mommin’ ain’t easy, but choosing your new favorite jewelry line should be.

Head over Lux + Luca, and use code MAMALIFE for a 15% discount!

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